Henry County's farmers market has sweet side

Sabreena Rabun, of McDonough, loves to bake. This year, she has introduced her passion to the public, offering homemade cupcakes to residents on the Southside.

"I've always baked ... since I was little," said Rabun, owner and operator of Creative Cupcakes. "My mom baked, my grandmother baked, and it's something I picked up."

Rabun, 36, is among the vendors who bring their wares each Thursday, from 2 p.m., to 6 p.m., to the Henry County Farmers Market, at Heritage Park in McDonough. The market features, on average, 16 vendors offering fruits, vegetables, jellies and crafts.

Rabun is no stranger to the Farmers Market. She sold homemade jellies at the venue in 2010.

"I made jellies from Kool-Aid," she said. "It was time-consuming."

Rabun said she prepares for the market each week, baking cupcakes all day on Wednesdays, for sale on Thursdays. This week, she brought about four dozen large cupcakes — with flavors including key lime, dark chocolate, buttercream and lemon — and sold them for $1.25 apiece. She also had miniature versions of each variety, for 50 cents each.

Rabun's culinary delicacies have been in high demand this summer, from regular customers. "I have actually had people to be upset because I've missed a week. They were like, ‘You weren't here. I didn't have a cupcake.' They come and they buy them, literally, the dozen."

Frank Hancock, agriculture and natural resource agent for the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Office, oversees the market, which is also open on Fridays, at the Wilson House, 2 West Main St., in Hampton. He said the program is going well this year, thanks to vendors like Rabun.

"We've been having about 250 people come out [every week]," said Hancock. "We picked up three new vendors this week. We've been averaging about 16 vendors every week. That's up from the past year, so we've got more vegetables."

The agent added that high temperatures locally have not kept regular customers away from the outdoor market, which has fans blowing constantly to keep customers cool. He encouraged the public to get a taste of the market for themselves. It will close at the end of September.

"Folks need to come out and do a little shopping," said Hancock. "I've got lots of vendors. I need lots of customers."

For more information on Creative Cupcakes, call (404) 625-5502, or visit www.creative-cupcake.com For more information on the Henry County Farmers Market, call the Extension Office at (770) 288-8421.