Gold rush in the Southern Crescent

McDonough resident, Geraldine Terrell, happily parted with a faded wedding ring, and some other pieces of jewelry she no longer wanted.

"It was really great," said Terrell, a divorcee of ten years. She sold her jewelry, Friday, to the Springfield, Ill.-based Treasure Hunters Roadshow.

Several area residents have been coming in this week to have their antiques and jewelry collections examined, and bought, at the Roadshow exhibit, in the conference room at Sleep Inn, 945 Ga. Highway 155 South, in McDonough.

Jim Toner, field manager with the Roadshow, said there is a wide range of reasons why people decide to sale antiques and jewelry, most indicating that the precious metals they give up have outlived their usefulness.

"One couple wanted to put their daughter into college," said Toner. "The ladies have two drawers," he explained, "the silver that they don't wear, and the silver that they do."

Toner said many sellers leave the Roadshow happy with a monetary return they can immediately put to use. "This one guy wanted to make an alimony payment," said Toner.

The field manager said the Roadshow accepts gold jewelry, gold coins, sterling silver, and pre-1965 silver coins. Gold items have sold well as scrap, and collectibles, in the Roadshow, and continues to be attractive in a volatile marketplace. Toner said the precious metal is a high-demand commodity these days.

Gold traded at around $1,744 per ounce Friday, according to Bloomberg.com's Stock Market & Financial Markets Overview. Silver traded at about $39.

Toner served one local woman who said she searched and found gold and silver items she had collected from relatives who have since passed away.

"I'm not using it, and there's no need for me to keep them," the woman said.

Another woman said she sold a set of silverware for $1,100, as a down payment for hardwood flooring for her home.

The sold items go to collectors, refineries, and museums across the nation, according to Toner. "We're going to eliminate the middle man," he said. "We give you 90 percent of what it's worth."

He said there are 112 Treasure Hunters Roadshow teams nationwide, three of which are presently touring Georgia. Teams set up in hotel conference rooms in 2,500-citizen communities, as well as major cities like Atlanta. His team will visit 42 different cities in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Toner said area residents have increasingly frequented the Roadshow this week. He said he cut checks worth a total of $35,000 on Thursday.

The week-long Treasure Hunters Roadshow concludes its Henry County visit today (Saturday), from 9 a.m., until 4 p.m. Next week, Toner's team will head to Valdosta, Ga. To learn more, call Toner at (704) 778-7348, or visit www.thrandassociates.com.