Morrow officials still 'tweaking' proposed city logo

Morrow officials are hoping a new branding campaign will encourage people to "Come To Morrow," but they are still doing some fine tuning on a new logo and web site for the city before they are ready to launch a new advertising initiative.

Michael Twomey, the president and executive director of the Morrow Business and Tourism Association, said a presentation he made to the Morrow City Council earlier this week, on a proposed new logo and web site for the city, got mixed reactions from city officials and residents.

The logo, Twomey said, included the slogan "Come To Morrow," which has been recommended by the Atlanta-based Schroder Public Relations firm, which is working with the city on its re-branding effort.

He said the logo also included several symbols, designed to represent different amenities in the city. Those symbols included a graduation cap and gown (for Clayton State University), a dollar sign (for commerce), a magnifying glass (for the National and Georgia archives), a musical note (for Spivey Hall) and a plant leaf (for the William H. Reynolds Memorial Nature Preserve).

"Some people are just elated, and they love the idea," Twomey said. But, when asked about people who were not as happy, he said, "They weren't hating it. They just asked that some changes, such as using different colors, be made."

Twomey stressed that the proposed logo presented to the city council earlier this week is not the final logo that council members will vote on adopting for Morrow. He said the presentation was done to get feedback on what could be improved.

During a public presentation earlier this year, city officials and representatives from Schroder Public Relations presented several examples of logos and slogans, such as "I Love NY" and Charlotte's Got A Lot," that other cities have used to market themselves. The idea, they said at the time, was to "re-brand" Morrow, to attract more visitors and permanent residents to the city.

A final logo and web site design, Twomey said, is not expected to be brought before the Morrow City Council for approval for at least another month. He said his staff is working with the public relations firm to address concerns that people have raised about the proposals.

"The response we got was exactly what we thought it might be," Twomey said. "We're tweaking it now to incorporate the feedback we have received."

The Morrow Business and Tourism Association leader said the web site is being worked on, to include more images of city life, including sports and recreation opportunities available in the city. He said his staff is also going to meet with designers soon, to work on "repopulating" the web site with more information about the city.

Twomey said a promotional video has been filmed, and it was aired for city councilmembers earlier this week. He added, however, that it is undergoing revisions, along with the logo and the new web site.