Say WHAT?! - '.... It wasn't us GET OVER IT!'

Photo by Hugh Osteen

Photo by Hugh Osteen

Editor's Note: Say What?! is a new, occasional feature that consists of online comments readers have made in response to articles and features on our web sites -- www.news-daily.com, www.henryherald.com, and www.myjpa.com. These are raw, unedited comments. In bold type, are the headlines to which the comments are attached.

* Police say teen took gun to school

love the fact that you give my nephew the time of day. thanks for the love if you really have a opinion that you feel the need to post it pray for him .

* Levine, Susan

Our hearts,prayers and tears for entire Levine family. We shall miss her!!!!! She touched so many people and by that she will be remembered.She leaves an outstanding legacy to the whole community.

* Adams, William Robert Sr.

On behalf of all veterans and the American Legion, McDonough Post 55 we join in recognizing William's sacrifices for his country with his service during WWII. May the Lord be with his family and give them peace.

* Officials claim spotless compliance for 20 years

that was my daddy and thanks for all the hard work i hate that company.And i believe if he was not working there he would be alive....my heart is so broken

* Parker, Mary Y.

She was truly a great lady. Saw her recently at FPFB working at homeless service. I'm sure the world is a better place because of her.

* Large cemetery uncovered in Henry County

As always Kim you are right on point, this reunion was spiritually moving, educational and fun! One of the high points was meeting the descendents of the former owner and finding them to also be spirtually moved and happy to meet us. What a perfect example of Dr. Kings words. And a special Thank You to all who participated and worked so hard to make this reunion so special for the Weems family. Many thanks to the people of Mcdonough, GA

* GDOT addresses Locust Grove parking concerns

What a waste of two million dollars. I think it is obvious that small towns like Locust Grove and Hampton saw business move out of the old downtown areas to the Interstate areas 50 years ago. Try as they may, the old downtown's are gone for all practical purposes and tons of money will not bring customers back.

* Levine, Susan

Susan was a loving and caring friend. Her family was always utmost in her mind. Having known her made my life better.

* Morrow officials still 'tweaking' proposed city logo

Come to Morrow so we can pay our massive debt created by John Lample and the Mayor. Come to Morrow so the city can continue to pay for an attorney to represent the Police Chief in keeping his certification on appeal after POST said he should lose it for false qualification records. Come to Morrow so the Judge can make your ticket a warning and you pay the exact fine in court costs but the court cost is different depending on the offense. Come to Morrow so more of your money can be wasted on alcohol indulged staff development workshops paid for by the city. Come to Morrow where you get ahead by cronyism not hard work. Come to Morrow where the rules don't apply to select individuals cause they are part of the "in crowd" and given made up titles that afford them special privileges. Come to Morrow where benefits are cut but the Police Chief has he housing paid for by the city along with private school for his children. Makes you wonder where all the money goes?

* CSU's incoming freshmen move into dorm

Now out of those how many students will Mason Barfield try to get out of trouble with law enforcement? Oh wait that is only student athletes who have a track record for disorderly conduct and selling drugs. I guess it is normal to use your influence on the city council to help out those students right Mason. As you say it best they (student athletes) come from socially and economically depressed areas and sports is a key to a great future for them and the university. They just have a hard time adjusting to expectations of order and discipline. I guess that is why the judge started an under 21 program to keep it from going on their records and turned it into a warning for saying I'm sorry a 1000 times in writing. I bet a lot of other people would like to get on that little deal you worked out so they didn't get in trouble but they are not student athletes. Now let's hope you did a better job on the finance aspects of the new apartment complex than you did as a city council member.

* Parker, Mary Y.

I have known Mrs. Parker and family for 67 years. They were and are dear to my heart. After I moved to McDohough ten years ago I would try to go by for a visit as often as possible. Prayers are for the family during this time. What a wonderful and dedicated life she lived for so many people.

* Stockbridge, county to seek federal funds

Why are they doing this ? If you bring in HUD dollars you end up with home values falling and more crime. Take a look at Clayton county and see what happened to them.

* Can commuter rail make it?

With the taxes going up 34% in Clayton County there's no way I'm voteing for more tax.

* Morrow officials still 'tweaking' proposed city logo

A new logo will not bring people to Morrow. Less gang activity,a decline in drug activity, public school accreditation and safer streets are a much better start.

* Families moved out of condemned trailer park

Could You Tell Me Why Tara Mobile Home Park Is Allowed To Rent To These People And They Don't Have Running Water Or Electricity But They Are Moving In They Went From Bad Ti Worst

* Congressman Scott readying for annual health fair

What a wonderful Representative and a good man. He is full of concern for his constituents and their health. But if he really wants to help his constituents, perhaps he should stand up against the new "budget committee" of 12 which will end representative government in America and cast us further into a dictatorship by creating a politburo organization to accompany the Imperial Presidency. That would a action worthy of coverage. As it is, Mr. Scott continues to advocate meaningless things such as his health fair, hiding the total corruption in D.C. rather than exposing it like a man. He is certainly not alone in his failure.

* Woman allegedly dragged 67 feet by Clayton firefighter

It was an accident waiting to happen. This should serve as a wake up call to all. Both of the parties concerned knew the consequences.

* Academic achievement, test scores on BOE's mind

I grew up going to Clayton County schools. No officers were needed to control the student behavior. We did not have problems with students not learing the material or graduating from high school.We also did not have the NAACP sticking there nose in somewhere it does not belong...So what has changed since those days ? Well the answer is the demographics of the students and the teachers.So what does that tell you. I will let you figre that one out!!

* Police say teen took gun to school

Until the courts start giving these thugs the maximum sentences, and the parole boards stop releasing them early, behavior like this will continue. It's time that the law abiding citizens of this county start demanding that our elected officials, courts, and police start enforcing the laws and ordinances of this county to the letter of the law. Only then, will these people leave the county and go elsewhere.

* Police say teen took gun to school

This has been going on at Drew High School for a very long time - teenage gang members, who are not students at the school, sneaking in and staying without being detected by school authorities. I used to sub at the school, and noticed on several occasions that non-students were hiding out in large connections classrooms. In the last instance, I informed the main office about the situation but no administrator (not even the resource officer) came to check it out. I decided not to return to the school because it was unsafe to be working in such an environment. It seems some of the administrators at the school are even afraid of the students, and you only see them during lunch or when school is letting out.

* Foreclosures take center stage on southside

People talking about socialism should just stick it; sheer ignorance! Try living under a true socialist rule for a while then come back and talk what you know. Some homes are in foreclosure up to 2 years because the banks have thousands in inventory to process. Enjoy the extra live-in time before they give you the boot.

* Clayton BOC asks for commuter rail reconsideration

The penny tax is for both rail and bus. I say that I am taxed out. No More Taxes !

* Additional suspects in 'filmed' home burglary surrender

the press and police seem to be putting their own spin on a case that hasn't been tried. what evidence do they have that these kids are in a gang. before you try and convict these kids in the public, why don't you try to build up the comunity with more activites, and more skill training so that these at risk kids have a chance. at least a second one!!

* Local dog in 'super-model' pet contest

Michelle is awesome! We need more awareness in Henry County about rescue dogs. People need to take more responsibility for their pets! Some of us consider our dogs to be our children. Thank you Michelle for getting the word out!

* Police say teen took gun to school

What a waste... beautiful kid,sad eyes. I wonder what he has seen in his short life to make him turn so sour.

* Large cemetery uncovered in Henry County

If you are so proud of your heritage why are you not personally down there cleaning it up and sharing in part of the expense. you are like others who think we owe you and your family something. I do not owe you or your family anything. Before you get on your band wagon, just remember slaves were sold from their own families to the white people. And all slaves were not just black. Slaves were not treated as bad as you seem to make it out to be. If they had not been sold, given food, shelter and pay, what do you think may of happened to them. I have a Dream also quit harping about the past, you cant change it. The "Desendants" as you all like to refer yourself as only won't to have your spotlight when someone else brings something out about slaves. Once again, I do not owe you, "decendants", an apology or money for something that happened to someone you never knew.

* Large cemetery uncovered in Henry County

There are many cemetaries that get neglected over the years. I personally know several. Unless the family maintains the graves themselves, it doesnt get done. So why have the families not taken care of it before. I dont think this cemetary is any more special, than any other. I am getting tired of anytime slaves are mentioned, people think we should go over and beyond to accomidate. It wasn't you, it wasn't us GET OVER IT!

* Southside leaders seek to revive commuter rail

Who wants this rail? No one I talk to. Most say we have enough trouble with the entitlement class now. Why bring more with a non moneymaking rail system. Only the greedy developers want it.Stop the sprawl.

* Woman allegedly dragged 67 feet by Clayton firefighter


* Jonesboro leaders approve 'sagging pants' ban

It is even worse when you see Clayton County Employees with their UNIFORM pants like this as well, I was so shocked that I took pics of him and his car to show people. It was ridiculous!