Randstad relocates office within Morrow

As any good business owner knows, location is everything.

With that in mind, Randstad relocated its Morrow office from Jonesboro Road to bustling Mt. Zion Road, a couple of traffic lights from I-75. The Clayton County Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony Tuesday to show appreciation for the company's continued local presence.

Chamber Vice President Crystal Black said staffing agencies such as Randstad are needed now more than ever.

"Right now, with the number of unemployed people there are, there is a huge benefit to have a company like Randstad to help those people in need of a job," said Black. "We are happy to be a part of the relocation and a part of the ribbon-cutting."

Bess Garrett, chairperson of the Chamber's partnership committee, encouraged the local Randstad employees to get involved in Chamber activities as a way to network within the community. She also commended the business on the new office.

"This is a great place. Everyone will see you here," said Garrett. "Work with the Chamber of Commerce, go to events, let everyone know you are here," she added.

Randstad area Vice President Karen Risse said the agency puts thousands of people in this region to work every day.

"We have a superstar presence," she said. "We work with premiere employers and specialize in manufacturing and logistics, which is a growing market. We also have a professional administrative office segment."

Randstad is the nation's second largest staffing agency and has operated in Morrow for about 25 years. The company headquarters is in Atlanta.

Branch manager Sheree Jefferson said the move itself is the biggest change for the local office.

"The only deciding factor in moving here was an increase in visibility," said Jefferson. "This gives us a chance to re-brand and start anew."

Risse agreed.

"The visibility is amazing," she said. "The exposure is tremendous, the whole environment in this area is great."

The Mt. Zion area of Morrow is dense with industrial businesses, restaurants, a movie theater and retail shopping, including Southlake Mall. Within minutes, potential employees can exit I-75 from the north or south, walk through the office door and possibly into a job. Morrow tourism Director Mike Twomey said the city is encouraged by the new location.

"From the city's standpoint, we're glad they've moved," said Twomey. "They are highly visible and we think that will attract a new group of workers...as well as businesses who need those workers. And we think that's good."

Before helping to cut the ribbon at the front door, Clayton County Commission Chairman Eldrin Bell told Randstad employees they are in a "better than usual" location.

"On behalf of the people of Clayton County, we welcome you to this new location," he said. "In business, it's all about location, location, location. And what I learned in law school is preparation, preparation, preparation. I know there are people here who need your services."

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