SayWHAT?! - ‘$3 for a tired little sausage biscuit!!NOT AGAIN!’

• Shooting coach, businessman facing molestation charges

There are several inaccuracies in this article that require attention.

First. Abbate's movie studio proposal WAS indeed approved by the Henry County BOC which required Henry County taxpayers to back Abbate's $38 million loan. The only reason the deal fell through was because Abbate was unable to come up with a $15 million letter of credit which the deal required. The fact that the bond was not "granted" according to BJ Mathis makes no difference whatsoever because Mathis voted to put the taxpayers on the hook for $38 million for this man.

Second, BJ Mathis is blatantly incorrect when she says Billy Abbate has "no connection with Henry County Government. Mathis, in fact, was the one who appointed Abbate to the Henry County Board of Health as shown here on teh county official website (scroll to page 5) http://www.co.henry.ga.us/Board_of_Commissioners/pdf/HenryCounty-BoardsAndAuthorities.pdf.

It's high time the Henry Herald stop carrying BJ Mathis' wate and report the real facts instead of her approved spin.

• Benz, Joseph Tod

Joseph was my best friend in Jr. High, High School in Water Valley, Mississippi and onto College at Ole Miss. A better best friend could have not been found and we shared many things during our "formative" years. I am saddened to hear that he is gone, but I will always treasure the memories of our friendship. My thoughts are with his family at this time.

• Four Points BP now open

Your biscuits are WAY too expensive,$3 for a tired little sausage biscuit!!NOT AGAIN!

• Police seek three in fatal shooting

It seems the county has become a county of thugs and gangs. How many people have been murdered in Clayton County this year ?

• Police say teen took gun to school

You truly have it twisted! Drew High School's administrators are some of the best leaders in the County. There is nothing unsafe about our school. The adminstrators are visable. Our resource officer is always active. Your decision not to return may have something to do with your lack of classroom management. We are a "School of Choice" for a reason.

• Wine-tasting event to support teen moms


• Southside leaders seek to revive commuter rail

I for one do not want any type of rail system. I have seen what it has done to other areas that have it. I suggest that if someone wants rail service then move where its already there. Marta has never made a profit and never will. What in the world are these Southside Leaders thinking !!!

• Can commuter rail make it?

Ronald you must be a government worker and a democrat.

• State: Slow reviews caused Clayton food stamp snafu

What I think is unacceptable is having kids and making the taxpayers feed them instead of taking on the responsibility yourself. Just more people wanting a free handout.

• Rail proponents continuing local efforts

I wouldn't mind contributing to this plan. If there was a way that I can get involved in this, please let me know. The tolls on GA400 brought jobs and revenue to that area, thus if we bring this project to the Clayton and Henry, there will be a creation of jobs and revenue. Also it is giving us another transportation method that we have in relation to driving.

• Rail proponents continuing local efforts

I wouldn't mind this. The tolls on GA400 isn't so bad, so why would you worry about a tax that can benefit both Henry and Clayton County? This will bring more revenue and more jobs for these countries, to which both are in need. Also giving us another transportation method to reach Atlanta, instead of driving.

• A plan for local taxpayers

Its time to get informed, so you can make fact based comments.

• Man discovered dead by Jackson train tracks

LOL, he probably died crossing the RR tracks in a car. All the crossings from Wolf Creek to Hwy 16 near the county police station were recently redone. All three are the worse paving jobs for crossings that have ever been done. I wouldn't be surprised if criminal charges are not brought in the future. Plus, all the pickup trucks that try to slam into the back of regular cars because they perfer not to lose an axle going over the tracks as anything more than 3 MPH. If the cops can stop tailgating civilians long enough, they might have the time and resources to solve this crime...

• Morrow officials still ‘tweaking’ proposed city logo

New logo - what a waste of time and money. The economic guy has also proved to be a waste. Empty commercial sites and hiring firms to paint a pretty picture. Without repeating the many problems, the other published comments are right on target.

• Forest Park plans public hearing on redistricting

I grew up in FP back when it was such a great city!!! The good old days...

• School bus fire deemed ‘accidental’

Bus drivers and monitors have not recieved a raise in years. Others in the Transportation Department recieve raises and bonuses every year. Henry county has some of the BEST transportation employees in Georgia. It's time for the BOE to show them.

• Rail proponents continuing local efforts

The approved project list shows little benefit for Clayton, Fayette, or Henry County. Just like I thought, the southside gets the shaft.

• Can commuter rail make it?

@JW That is an antiquated and fallacious argument. The exact opposite occurs when areas put in place transit projects into the community, property values rise, and an area becomes more desirable to live because it provides an alternative to grid lock traffic. If home values rise, then invariably, the very people who "engage in criminal activities" will be priced out.