Clayton State’s enrollment sets new record

Clayton State University (CSU) has hit a new mark this year –– a record for student enrollment, according to Dr. Mark F Daddona, associate vice president for enrollment management and academic success.

Daddona said the university’s enrollment target for the fall was 6,801, a 3-percent increase from last year’s enrollment of 6,603.

Student enrollment for the fall semester, however, hit at an unofficial record of 6, 889, a 4-percent increase over the enrollment for the 2010 fall semester.

“We will also experience minor adjustments over the next week, due to no-shows and reinstatements,” Daddona said, indicating that the final fall enrollment figure could change slightly.

The figures for student enrollment over the last four semesters are shown below, with spring 2010, spring 2011, and fall 2011 all representing single-semester records for CSU:

• The enrollment for spring 2010: 6,687.

• For fall 2010: 6,603.

• For spring 2011: 6,785.

• The unofficial tally for fall 2011: 6,889.

“This has been a long registration-and-orientation period, that started last April,” said Daddona. “We could have never been this successful without the long hours, teamwork and support of many members of the Clayton State community.”

John Shiffert, director of community relations for CSU, said among the 6,889 students, 1,562 are new students. He added that the breakdown in the new student group is as follows:

• Full-time freshman: 388.

• Part-time freshman: 107.

• Transfer students: 709.

• Dual enrollment students: 181.

• Nontraditional students: 164.

• Post attendance students: 13.

The official enrollment figure for the 2011 fall semester will be released by the Board of Regents of University System of Georgia later this year, according to Daddona.