Clayton News-Daily - A user's guide to our website registration features

Clayton News Daily (news-daily.com) web site - August 21, 2011

Clayton News Daily (news-daily.com) web site - August 21, 2011

Our digital team has developed a rich website full of new features and improved old ones. This was done with you, the reader, in mind.

Social Media

Social media have become a huge part of digital life today, and the Clayton News-Daily is no different. You can now select stories, writers, photos and other media as your favorites. This allows you to essentially bookmark your favorite parts of the site and easily access them in the future.

Comments and votes are also part of our social media. It's now much easier to track your comments. Just create a free user account to comment on stories. Interacting with other registered site users is another great feature of signing up for a profile, allowing friending, direct messages and other possibilities.

We still have integration with popular social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, allowing you to share your favorite content with your friends and followers.

Most of the new features will require you to register for an account. It's free and an easy process, and you have control over how much or how little information you share.

Getting Started


By clicking "Sign in" at the top right of the pages on our site, you are directed to this page. To register as a user for the site, fill out the information and follow the instructions in the confirmation email you receive. Registration on our site is free.

To get started, click "Sign in" at the top middle of any page. You can choose to sign up with an account local to the site, or you can use a Google or OpenID account. To create a free local account, select the "I'm new" button. Enter the username you want, enter your preferred password twice and enter your email address. Be aware that your username must be unique and you can only have one username per email address.

Your privacy is important to us, and we will not share your information with any third parties. For more information, read our privacy policy.

After completing this, an email will be sent to you. Click the link in the email -- or copy and paste the link if your email doesn't support HTML -- to activate your account. Click on the link and you're ready to go.

Now that you're logged in, your profile can be managed in numerous ways. Click "Profile" in the main navigation menu or click the drop-down arrow next to "Profile" and you will see a number of options. From here, you can track comments and votes, track friends and favorites, edit your profile, change your password, sign up for email or SMS text alerts created by editors, create your own alerts based on search terms, and adjust your privacy and anonymity on the site.

Helpful Links (once you are registered and signed into the site):


This menu provides a list of options for registered Clayton News-Daily users after creating a free profile. Options available include comment and vote tracking, friend and favorites management, profile and password management, the ability to subscribe to email and SMS alerts and to create custom alerts, and privacy and anonymity options.

Your Profile: This page displays the profile information you have entered into your profile through the Edit profile page. You can view your profile by clicking the "Your profile" link on the Profile drop-down menu. To edit your profile, click here.

Comments: After making a comment on a story, photo or other item, it will be listed in the Comments section. If you were in a conversation the day before and can't remember something you wrote, this is where to find out. To manage and view your comments, click "Comments" on the Profile drop-down menu.

Votes: Votes act much like the Facebook "Like" button, but Votes are only specific to the site. To view the Votes page, click "Votes" on the Profile drop-down menu.

Friends: To keep in touch with other website users, use the Friends feature. If you like discussing an upcoming local football game with another user, you can follow the person using this social tool. If someone else follows you but you choose not to follow that person, he or she is a fan of yours. If you both follow each other, you are friends. To visit the Friends page, click here.

Favorites: When you come across a story, photo, video, writer or other item on the site, you can add it as a Favorite. This feature can be helpful if you like following a sports columnist, education writer or blog. To view the Favorites page, click here.

Edit Profile: By editing your profile, you can upload an avatar, tell a little about yourself, or edit your contact information. To edit your profile, click here.

Change Password: If you need to change your password, use this feature. To view the Change Password tool, click here.

Manage Alerts: Alerts are news items, such as breaking news or daily headlines, that are automatically sent to you via email or SMS text message. To subscribe to one of our alerts or manage an alert subscription, click here.

Search Alerts: If you prefer alerts based on a customized search term, such as a local high school or a county commissioner, you can use Search Alerts. To set up or manage your Search Alerts, click here.

Privacy: This tool gives you the ability to show or hide items that you have marked as Favorites. You can change your Favorite information from public to private individually or globally from this tool. To adjust your privacy settings, click here.

Anonymity: If you would like to have your account verified, the Anonymity tool can be used. This can be helpful if you are an elected official or public figure who is being misrepresented by another user. To use the Anonymity tool, click here.

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Logout: When you want to sign out of your account for security purposes, use the Logout function. To log out of your profile, you can click "Sign out" at the top right of any page or click "Logout" on the Profile drop-down menu. To use the Logout function, click here.

Please continue to send us your feedback with comments and questions. Click here to submit feedback to help us improve our site and tailor it to your community information needs.


jmcleod 4 years ago

I still can't find the comments that have been made on any of the stories although I've registered. What's wrong?


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