Student charged with bringing gun to school

A Morrow High School student was charged Thursday morning with bringing a handgun to campus, said a Clayton County sheriff's spokesman.

Sheriff's Lt. Brian Crisp said the male student is a juvenile and cannot be identified. He has been charged with bringing a weapon to school and is being held in a Regional Youth Detention Center.

Crisp said the student brought an unloaded .25-caliber handgun to school in response to an argument with other kids.

Crisp said the school got information before the student's bus arrived that there was a weapon on board. He said Morrow High School faculty checked when the bus arrived about 9 a.m. but did not find a gun. Later in the day, another student told officials that there was indeed a gun on campus and identified the student who brought it, he said.

That student was questioned, admitted he brought the gun and told officials where to find it, said Crisp.

The investigation into the case is ongoing.

— Kathy Jefcoats