Three pedestrians hit, two killed

Two people are reportedly dead, and one seriously injured after the pedestrians were hit by a car in Stockbridge Thursday.

There was no immediate information on their identities.

Clayton Police Officer John Schneller said the three people were hit on Ga. 138 near I-675 at a congested area lined with motels, restaurants and retail businesses.

From the scene about 6:30 p.m., Schneller said the cause of the collision was not yet known.

“The vehicle was traveling east, the pedestrians were walking east and for some reason, the vehicle hit them,” he said. “We don’t know exactly why.”

Schneller said he did not think the driver was injured in the collision but did not rule out a medical condition as a possible reason for the crash. He said officers were still trying to talk to witnesses.


atoyataurus 3 years, 11 months ago

My husband knew two of the teens that were stuck by this maniac. I think she should get life in prison. Its so sad because these were innocent teens just walking, and its bad enough that there are no side walks at the location but the lady that hit them had no business driving anyway. She had a suspended license, driving under the influence on depression medication, and talking on her cell phone! She even tried to flee the scene of the accident. She deserves to get the books thrown at her. Our prayers go out to the families of the three young men.


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