Forest Park High students experience ‘mock job interviews’

Students at Forest Park High School recently got a taste of the real world, as they received an eye-opening experience with the process of interviewing for a job.

The Business and Computer Science Department (CTAE) hosted its third annual mock interviews for juniors and seniors this week, at the school.

“The primary objective of this event was to expose and prepare our students for real-world experiences, by enhancing their oral communications and writing skills, while encouraging self-confidence and building morale,” said Shelia Cox-Marshall, a business and computer science instructor at the school.

Debra Collins, a CTAE teacher, planned this three-day event which exposed students to the actual interviewing process.

Business and industry representatives from Heritage Bank, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Forest Park Dwarf House, Habitat for Humanity, the United Education Institute, along with community members and parents, helped bring reality to the mock interviews.

Students had to prepare for the interviews by creating, and completing, resumes, applications, and cover letters, school officials said.

“The most exciting facet of the mock interview is having the opportunity to see our students, donned in their professional or business casual attire,” said Cox-Marshall.