Thanks to all the elves who give of themselves

As a long time resident of Clayton County, and a volunteer for Clayton County Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), and the Ambassador's Behind CASA (ABC's), I would like to extend a huge thank you to the community of elves that lives and works in Clayton County.

During this time of the year, we all look forward to spending time with our families. Planning meals, trimming the tree and, of course, Christmas morning seeing what Santa has brought. Many children in this county are not that fortunate; their parents are not able to care for them. A large number of these kids are fortunate enough to have a relative that steps up to the plate and takes the child, or children, to live with them, instead of going into foster care.

These children, in CASA's relative care group, often end up with grandparents who are already on a fixed income and can't afford to provide much more than food and shelter for the children. With help from the Kinship Center, these relative caregivers are able to submit a list of items that their kids would like to have for Christmas.

For several years, the ABC volunteers, besides working souvenir stands at the Labor Day race at AMS, have sought out donations and sponsors to make sure Santa visits these children.

As one of the ABC's, I would like to extend thanks to the community members who have come together to make this happen once more. Heritage Cadillac, Clayton County Tax Assessors, Sheriff Kem Kimbrough and the Deputies, Hewitt and Associates, Jeff Turner and Positive Press, Crane Hardware, and many others have donated time, bicycles, money and gifts to help us with this mission.

A huge round of applause to Jon Crane for cooking spaghetti for our spaghetti dinner last Saturday, and to all the volunteers who came out to help set up, serve and clean up.

Thanks to the Board of Education for the use of the cafeteria at Lee Street Elementary to have the dinner. We are grateful for every elf who donated a gift, who donated money and who bought gift cards.

Thanks to the elves who live and work in Clayton County, Santa can help a child smile once more and keep the innocence around a little longer.


Ambassadors Behind CASA Vice Chairperson

CASA Volunteer