Morrow approves administrative ‘housekeeping’ ordinance

A new administrative structure enacted this past summer in Morrow’s city government, was officially added to the town’s code of ordinances by the city council, on Tuesday.

Councilmembers unanimously approved an ordinance that alters city code to reflect changes the council made to the city’s organizational chart, in July, as part of the fiscal year 2012 budget. The new chart reduced the number of city departments from eight, to six.

City Manager Jeff Eady said the city code then had to be amended, in a “housekeeping” move, to reflect the structure laid out in the organizational chart.

“The organizational chart was passed,” Eady said. “We’re just cleaning up the ordinance for the code ... to make sure they match.”

The council’s decision essentially was a step to formally recognize the city’s new administrative structure, within its laws. The city manager explained that the new structure moved some areas of government under the auspices of like-minded departments. A new department, called “Administrative Support,” was also created, from several existing departments.

“We consolidated, streamlined the operations, and actually placed 9-1-1 underneath the police department,” Eady said. “We [also] placed technology, or IT, in the public works department. We created administrative support, and inside administrative support is finance, grants, and human resources.”

In other action, the council unanimously voted to grant permission to the Morrow Police Department to dispose of a single-axle trailer. Interim Morrow Police Chief Capt. Greg Tatroe had asked the council, in a letter dated Tuesday, to deem the trailer surplus equipment.

“This trailer is not used by the police department anymore, and we would like to send it to auction,” Tatroe wrote in the letter.