Our soldiers deserve our thanks and support — Jim Bell

Special Photo: Jim Bell

Special Photo: Jim Bell

Throughout the history of our great nation, our men and women of the military have given their best, both in peace time and in war.

They are well-trained and armed, and are without a doubt, the finest fighting force in the world. I am privileged to talk with many of our young men and women and they have great attitudes toward the job they have to do.

I tell them how much the American people appreciate them and support them in their service to our country. They always say they have a job to do and they will carry it out to the best of their ability.

The majority of those I talk with believe in our great God and show a great deal of respect for the Christian way of life and the Holy Bible; although they are not in the proper relationship with Him.

As a chaplain, I talk with them mostly about the spiritual side of life. Each time I speak to one or more soldiers, I always ask them this question: “We know this will not happen, but just suppose you were to die tonight and you stood before God and He asked you, ‘Why should I let you into my heaven?’ What would you say?”

I get many different answers to this question. Some say, “I live a good life, I try to treat everyone right, I don’t steal or hurt others in any way, so I feel He would let me into heaven.” Others say, “I’m a good person and I think I deserve to go to heaven.” Still others say, “I am serving my country and helping to keep Her free, so I think I should go to heaven.”

Most say they don’t know the answer to this really hard question. I’m quick to tell them God would not even ask them this question. I say: “Do you know why He wouldn’t ask?” Many say, “Because He already knows all about us, so He doesn’t need to ask.”

Then I share the gospel of Jesus Christ with them and ask them to pray the sinner’s prayer with me. I tell them I will lead them through the prayer a small phrase at the time, so they will cover all the right things to pray.

Most agree to pray with me and I tell them: “Here’s the bottom line of this prayer — You must be sincere and mean what you say. If you mean it, God will honor It. This is fair, isn’t it?”

They agree. It’s music to my ears to hear them admit their sins and ask for forgiveness in Jesus’ name. Just a few hours later, they board an airplane and fly to the battle fields assigned to them. How could we not thank them and pray for them? They deserve our thanks and appreciation.

I praise the Lord for them and ask Him to keep them safe. Praise the Lord!

I do tell them the people of this country care for them greatly and pray for their safety and success in all they do. Please remember to pray for them in your prayers.

If you are not a Christian, please ask God to forgive your sins in Jesus’ name. He will do it! I pray you will.