Volunteers start 'Warm Straw for Cold Paws' program

Henry County Animal Care and Control is working to assist residents with keeping their outdoor dogs warm and safe this winter, by launching the “Warm Straw for Cold Paws” program.

“Our volunteers raised the funds, to provide wheat straw to our county residents who have outside pets,” said Gerri Yoder, director of the Henry County Animal Control Department.

Although blankets and quilts are great for people inside heated homes, outside in a dog house, they trap moisture that can make your dog cold, wet and miserable, according to animal control officials.

Straw is a preferred alternative that provides much-needed insulation for an outdoor dog house, keeping your pooch warm and cozy, according to Yoder.

“This was a program that our volunteers wanted to do, [because] we have pet owners in Henry County that have pets living outside. Dog houses are not well-insulated, and they need material in their dog houses that help to keep them warm in the winter time,” said Yoder.

The straw is scheduled to be delivered to the shelter on Jan. 3.

Henry County Animal Care and Control will be giving away a free bale of wheat straw to dog owners, beginning Jan. 4, to keep their outdoor dogs’ houses more comfortable during the winter months.

While supplies last, straw may be picked up at the shelter, at 527 Hampton St., in McDonough, between, 9 a.m., to 4:30 p.m., on weekdays, and Saturdays, from 8 a.m., until noon. Call (770) 288-7387, or visit www.hcacc.org.