Teens charged with burglary of Riverdale home

Photo by Hugh Osteen

Photo by Hugh Osteen

By Mehgaan Jones


Clayton County Police, along with officers from the Riverdale Police Department, have arrested two teens who allegedly broke into a home and stole juice, snacks, and a laptop, on Monday morning.

The arrested teens, both 15-year-old males, are charged with burglary, said Clayton County Police Public Information Officer, Sgt. Otis Willis. The names of the suspects were not released, Monday, because they are juveniles.

Willis said the Clayton County Police Department was alerted to the break-in when officers responded to an alarm call, in the 100 block of Brookview Drive, in Riverdale.

"An officer arrived and went to the rear of the residence," said Willis.

The officer saw the suspects leaving the home, and found evidence of forced entry into the back door of the home, Willis said.

According to Willis, the teens fled the scene, and the Riverdale Police department was asked to assist Clayton County Police with their capture. He explained that as the Clayton County Police officers were chasing the individuals, and Riverdale police positioned themselves to arrest them.

"Riverdale police caught one suspect, and we [Clayton County Police] caught the other," said Willis.

The exact location of the arrest, was unavailable on Monday.

"We appreciate the assistance of the Riverdale Police department," Willis said. "We do have situations where subjects run from one jurisdiction to another...it just goes to show that doesn't work."