ELCA quiz team advances in High Q

Eagle's Landing Christian Academy (ELCA) students recently demonstrated their knowledge of various topics, including academics and pop culture.

ELCA's quiz team advanced to the Elite Eight, in the third round of WSB-TV, Channel 2's "High Q" game show competition, defeating Creekview High School, a score of 495 to 360, on Jan. 25.

"I am very proud of the work that our team has put into this competition, and it has paid off in the results," said Don Moseley, the team's coach. "We are very excited to be continuing in the show, and are working diligently to prepare for the round of eight..."

Team members who participated in the second round of the competition include: Team Captain Max Wallace, Josh Ekstedt, Denver Burton, and Cole Carrera, with alternates Esmat Hanano, Hailey Bae, and Taylor Echols.

"We have some work to do to prepare for the next round, as the competition level continues to escalate, but we will be ready," added Moseley, who is also ELCA's advanced placement government and economics teacher.

"We are using books that have fact lists, such as Campbell's 502 lightning rounds and the High School and College Book of Lists," he said. "In addition, we thoroughly review current events and pop culture."

Moseley said the team will face Oglethorpe County High School, or Apalachee High School, in the next round of the competition, which will be taped on March 1, and is scheduled to air later that month.

"We know the time and dedication that Mr. Moseley and the students have invested in the classroom," said Richard Allen, ELCA's High School Principal. "It is exciting to see how God is rewarding their efforts."

The game show, in its 25th season, is hosted Channel 2 Action News Anchor John Bachman, and airs each week throughout the school year, according to Denise Freeman, the producer of the show.

The game show covers subjects in history, math, literature, science and the arts, as well as topical news of the day, said Freeman. The season's High Q champion, and the runner-up, will receive scholarship money.

The producer noted in a previous interview with the Henry Daily Herald that those teams also will return automatically for another season of competition, while other teams will be drawn randomly to compete in the bracket of 26 games.

Freeman added that previously-aired episodes of the show may be found on wsbtv.com. The game bracket is also available at the web site, and displays which team is competing each week.