Southern Crescent Chorale coming to Spivey Hall

Photo by Heather Middleton

Photo by Heather Middleton

The Southern Crescent Chorale will spend the afternoon of Sunday, Feb. 27 performing a "mass" at Clayton State University's Spivey Hall concert facility.

It will not be a "mass" in the traditional sense, with a homily, the reciting of "The Nicene Creed" and the distribution of communion. This will strictly be an all-singing affair, featuring the work of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The singing group will sing every movement from "Mozart's Requiem," which has lyrics that are in Latin. So, that gives a non-secular feel to a performance an otherwise secular music group. That is because, according to Southern Crescent Chorale Director Janice Folsom, religion is directly tied into what she called "a big multi-movement master work."

"A requiem is a mass for the dead," Folsom later explained. "Each movement is a part of the mass."

The 75-member singing group pulls singers from several counties, including Clayton and Henry counties, and is in its ninth season as a performing group, Folsom said. She said the group usually changes its music program for every performance it gives. The group's web site states the chorale sings a wide variety of songs, ranging from opera, to Broadway, to "pop" tunes.

This is the seventh time the group has performed at Spivey Hall, which is located on Clayton State's main campus in Morrow, according to the group's spokesperson, Andrew Rose. He explained performing at the concert hall has become an annual event for the Fayetteville-based group.

"We do one concert a year at Spivey Hall," Rose said. ""We do about five concerts a year at different venues in the area, but we always include one at Spivey Hall."

The chorale's Feb. 27 performance is scheduled to begin at 3 p.m. The performance will include performances soloists Jennifer McLean Stadelmeyer, Andrea Caldwell, John LaForge, and Grammy-winning tenor, Richard Clement, according to a news release from the group.

Folsom said the group likes to perform at Spivey Hall, because it has a reputation for hosting high-quality performances. "It's a world-class venue," she said "Their [concert] season is filled with world-class performances, so to have an opportunity to perform in that venue is an honor for us."

She added that the group also likes to perform at Spivey Hall because it has a professional organ that can be used as an accompaniment to the singers.

Folsom said tickets can be purchased going online, at the chorale's web site, www.southerncrescentchorale.org, or calling Spivey Hall at (678) 466-4200. She added that tickets can also be purchased through Spivey Hall's web site, www.spiveyhall.org/.