Christians are to obey and love God

I was 17 when I became a Christian, and I really loved the Lord Jesus, and wanted to obey Him.

There was much disobedience in my life before conversion, and I had a lot of changing to do, in order to obey God's teachings in the Bible.

Having grown up in a Christian home, I was taught to behave, and to do the right thing, rather than wrong things. Not that I always did right, for I did plenty wrong, but I did have a good knowledge of how to act, to be responsible, and generally, I liked most everyone.

My parents would warn me not to choose certain boys to be friends with, and I knew they were right, but I always said they were not so bad.

When I chose to live for Christ, I knew I had to stop going places with some of the guys I knew, for there was always cursing, and a desire to get into trouble. Fortunately, Christ saved several of my close friends in the same revival that I was saved in, and this made things a bit easier. We were all encouraging each other to obey God, and live for Him. However, as I think most new Christians experience, learning to live the Christian life is difficult. It requires discipline, and involves learning just how Christ wants us to live and act.

Actually, this is a process that continues all of our lives. We learn to live on a higher plain, and we grow as Christians, but as we reach new plateaus, we find we are still tempted by Satan. This will continue, until we finish our trial on this earth.

Our total life on earth is really a training period, and we are supposed to prepare for our eternal life in heaven with God. The entrance exam one must pass to enter this period of life is to believe in Jesus Christ and accept Him as your savior. Those who do not pass this critical test, will not be in the Christian group; they will still be preparing for eternal life, but it will be that reserved for Satan and his angels, the dreadful place called hell.

In Matthew 5, verses 20-22, Jesus tells us that we must be righteous, or we will not enter the kingdom of heaven, even to be angry with our brother will subject us to judgment.

James 2-13a tells us that judgment shall be without mercy. This means that if we live our life through without accepting Jesus as our savior, then, we will be judged by Him, and there will be no forgiveness for our sin. Then, it will be too late, and there will be no mercy, and these people will be sent to hell. Please read these scriptures for your self. All of chapters 5 and 6 teach us how to live, and warn us of the dangers of sinful living. Please don't take this lightly, for the Bible is true, and there is a God -- and heaven and hell are really in existence.

As Christians, we must obey God, and live our lives in a way that is pleasing to Him. The two most important instructions in the Bible are concerning love, our love of God, and our love of our fellow man (See Matt. 22: 37-40).

Those who are not Christians should take note that God loves you, and has provided a plan of salvation for you. He has already paid the price for you, your redemption is ready, all you have to do is believe in Jesus and accept Him as your savior.

He gave His life willingly, and died a horrible death on a cross -- nailed to a tree, and left to die from exposure. His death is the only acceptable sacrifice to God, so that all people, whosoever, may come and put their faith in Jesus, admit their sin, and ask for forgiveness in His name (John 3-16, Romans 10: 9-10).

We cannot be good enough to go to heaven; we can't earn our salvation in any way. It is the gift of God through faith! God will hear your prayer of confession. Ask Him, today, to forgive your sins, He will do it!

Then, you will be born again into the eternal kingdom of God. Do you have some doubts? Forget them! Satan wants to keep you out of the kingdom of heaven; he wants to destroy you. Believe in God, pray and confess your sins, and have faith in Jesus, to save you.

Then, you may enter the training group of Christians, who are learning and preparing to go to heaven to be with God. Take courage, try God and see how He will bless you!