Trio convicted in Riverdale murder, assault case

A Clayton County Superior Court jury found three men guilty, Wednesday, on various charges, for involvement in the Oct. 2008 murder of a Riverdale video store owner.

During the Oct.19, 2008 incident, Soupoth Thammavongsa, owner of the Thai Video store, located at 6499 Highway 85, was shot and killed. Several other victims were also robbed and assaulted during the incident, court records state.

According to Clayton County Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney, Anece Baxter White, Atlanta resident, Gary Kilgore, 30, was found guilty of malice murder, two counts of felony murder, four counts of armed robbery, eight counts of aggravated assault, and one count of possession of a weapon during a crime, said White.

She said Kilgore was sentenced, Wednesday, to life in prison, plus 125 years.

Jessie Ben Mathis, 36, of Atlanta, is guilty on two counts of felony murder, three counts of armed robbery, eight aggravated assault counts, and one count of a possession of a weapon during the commission of crime, White said. The prosecutor said Mathis was found not guilty on the counts of malice murder. He was given a life sentence, plus 125 years.

Atlanta resident, Dexter Otis Armstrong, 41, was found not guilty on charges of murder and armed robbery, according to White.

Armstrong was found guilty, however, on seven counts of aggravated assault, and presiding Clayton County Superior Court Judge Geronda Carter sentenced him to 140 years in prison.

"The accused [Gary Kilgore] in concert with co-defendants Jessie Mathis and Dexter Armstrong, entered Thai Video store...with handguns," the Clayton County arrest warrant for Kilgore states.

"[The defendants] stole, at gunpoint, approximately $3,000 from the location," the warrant continued.

"The accused [Kilgore] did with deliberate intention unlawfully shoot Mr. Thammavongsa in the neck which fatally wounded the victim," the warrant said.

"It was very well planned out," Anece Baxter White said. She added that the men stayed in the store, for 20 minutes, after the victim was shot, while Thammavongsa remained on the floor dying.

Dexter Armstrong was represented attorney Thomas E. Stewart. Defendant, Mathis was represented Theresa Hood, and Kilgore was represented Gary Andrews.

Neither attorney could not be reached for comment, on Wednesday evening.