Homeowners need to step forward - JOHN TEMPLEMAN

Homeowners need to step forward

To the editor:

Are the citizens of each city in Clayton County paying attention to what's going on within their cities, and with their local officials?

It appears they have taken a blind eye, and a deaf ear, to our so-called elected officials. As I read through the Jan. 28 edition of our local paper, I saw what I've read many times, and still can't believe it's true.

All of our cities, in fact, are going to spend millions of taxpayers' dollars, with no concern for the real problem at hand. All their efforts aren't going to help our economy.

They are just going to make it crash faster. In order to spend money they don't have, they will have to increase our property taxes. That's the only way they can get money for their stated projects.

Businesses are closing every day in our county, or relocating. Thus, the county's sales tax revenue is dropping off drastically. We are losing business license fee's every day, which means lost monies for the county and cities.

This county has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the state. We also rank right up there in crime. Our schools are struggling. Our job-loss rate is seemingly growing higher every day.

Yet, our city officials seem to think spending millions on projects will be our savior. Well, the sad truth is nothing they're doing right now will help us, the citizens, one bit. It will, in fact, instill in the owner-occupied homeowners the idea that they should just take a loss on the already fallen market price of their homes, and move out just like the businesses.

Here is some insight into where they need to start. It's with the homeowners. Yes, the people who actually own their homes is where they need to start their efforts. The first thing that makes a stable community is you and me.

Homeowners have so much invested in the community, they are willing to keep up property standards, and work to make things better.

Fellow citizens, you need to attend your city's council meetings, and voice your concerns. Right now, your local officials have the upper hand, and, in fact, will continue this spending spree as long as they have no opposition.

Attending these meetings is only two hours a month out of your busy life.

Isn't that a short time to take, to show your concerns? Just two hours a month to make a change.