Thanks to the former mayor - WILL and MARGIE ROBERTSON

Thanks to the former mayor

To the editor:

I would like to say "thanks" to one of Jonesboro's good citizens, who went out of her way to help us, even though we campaigned against her in the last mayoral election. We even put up a recall sign in our yard. But she was "classy" enough to still help us.

Anybody who would do what she did, needs to be recognized and praised to the citizens of Jonesboro for her actions.

Ex-Mayor Joy Day is the person I am praising to all of the citizens of Jonesboro. Current Mayor Maddox would not help us, and said that he had nothing to do with getting our yard business sign removed. Well, someone from City Hall did. The code officer came out in the middle of 2010 and said that we could not have a business sign in the yard. Well, if Mayor Maddox didn't send the code officer, who did? Someone from City Hall sent the code officer out.

The reason that all of this came about was City Hall found out that I was writing about how they treated people in the city, and printing "BUTCH'S BULL" on "The Clayton Advocate web site (People's opinion only). This site is for Clayton County citizens to know what is going on in politics, the BOC, BOE and other matters pertaining to Clayton County.

It's my opinion, the reason that our sign was removed is because I criticized City Hall. I was told that I could not sale anything from my home. But when the City Council in June 14, 1999 gave us our business license, we were grandfathered in. The mayor, or anyone else, could not make us remove our signs as long as the signs were of legal size, and we followed the city's business rules.

It took Joy Day going to City Hall to look up the council minutes to prove that we could have a sign in our yard. Mrs. Day took it on her own, to go to the council meeting on 01/11/11 to prove that we were right. Mayor Maddox would not talk to Mrs. Day about the subject after the meeting. Now, why is Mayor Maddox upset about the subject?

Joy Day, again thanks for your help. This is not the first time you came to our home to help us. But that is another story, to be told later.

Mrs. Daym you are one classy lady, and I hope you run for office again.