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Harley and Davidson

Photo by Heather Middleton

Photo by Heather Middleton

These gorgeous babies are approximately 9 months old. One is female, and the other is male. Both have been sterilized and fully vaccinated. They were born to stray mom who lived near a CCHS volunteer. He was only able to catch these two, and they were then turned over to CCHS so that they might have a chance at a real home. They were extremely frightened when they first came into CCHS, but as time has passed, they have begun to calm down a bit. Harley (the female) loves to be held, and Davidson is extremely playful. They still have their "moments" when it is obvious that they are not yet feeling totally safe and secure, but neither has ever attempted to bite or scratch anyone attempting to handle them. They are still babies, and in the right environment, they will likely continue to make progress. CCHS is looking for a quiet, indoor only, adult only home for the pair. We would consider letting them go individually, but our strong preference is for them to stay together. They are very bonded, and each clearly finds a level of security in the other. Anyone interested in giving these two beautiful kittens some time, attention, and a loving home, should contact Robin at 770-478-7531. A special adoption fee is in place for anyone approved for adoption of these babies. To see many other wonderful, adoptable animals at CCHS, visit our Petfinder pages at , and use our 30236 zip code for your search.