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Those at jail honored for saving inmate's life

Clayton County Sheriff's Office correctional officers, and members of CorrectHealth were recognized, Tuesday, for their quick-thinking and collective effort in saving a Clayton County Jail inmate's life, last month.

"I was just doing my job," said Corrections Officer Jateela Robinson. "It happened fast ... didn't seem like twelve minutes," she added, regarding the medical attention for the inmate.

According to a Clayton County Jail report, on Jan. 14, corrections officers discovered a non-responsive inmate, Floyd Davis, 53. Members of CorrectHealth teamed with corrections officers to quickly and efficiently provide care for Davis.

"We, at our Clayton County Jail facility, have had a cardiac arrest save ... which, in medicine, is quite unusual, particularly in the correctional setting," said Dr. Carlo Musso, the founder and president of CorrectHealth.

"We want to start the CorrectHealth award tradition here for our team members, both on the security side of the house, and the medical side of the house, when this [kind of incident] happens. Today, we are going to celebrate the initial efforts of the security and the medical team working in concert," he added.

"I am proud of all the correctional officers that work with the Sheriff's Office," said Clayton County Sheriff's Maj. Robert Sowell. "I am especially proud of the life-saving efforts that these correctional officers showed in this emergency," he added.

Dr. Musso presented the awards, along with Dr. Walter Smith, who is the corporate medical director of CorrectHealth, and the medical director of the Clayton County Jail.

The recipients were honored at CorrectHealth, which is located at 9020 Peridot Pkwy., in Stockbridge. CorrectHealth is a private, correctional health-care provider, which has a contract with the Clayton County Sheriff's Office to provide medical services to inmates, according Musso.

"I was shocked," said Corrections Sgt. Jacqueline Wright, when she found out that she would receive the award. "I was surprised ... I was just doing my job."

Corrections Officer Jarvis Braxton was excited to receive the award. "I was glad that I was in the right place at the right time," he said.

"I am glad that everybody got there at a reasonable time to actually save this man,"

Corrections Sgt. Grace Taylor, was not present to receive her award, on Tuesday.

CorrectHealth staff members, who work at the jail –– including Tian Ryce, Eugene Andry, Chrisabel Villa, and Susan Bolton –– were all recognized for their efforts.

Bolton, a registered nurse, agreed with other honorees, who said they were only doing their jobs. "Never thought I would get rewarded for doing my everyday job," she said. "We worked hard and fast to get him out."

Bolton added that Davis, the inmate who was in distress, was transported to Southern Regional Medical Center, in Riverdale.

According to Maj. Sowell, Davis was released from the Clayton County Jail earlier this month.