Bostic gets life, plus 5 years in murder

A man found guilty of murder, slowly walked into the courtroom in Clayton County Superior Court, on Thursday, looked at his son's mother, and nodded his head, as he waited to receive his sentence in the case.

Anthony Idris Bostic, 24, was given life in prison, plus five years. A jury had already found him guilty of murder, aggravated assault, possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime, in the 2009 slaying of Brian Patterson, Jr., at a Little Caesars Pizza restaurant, in Morrow.

Bostic will not be considered for parole for at least 30 years, according to court officials.

A Clayton County arrest warrant states that Anthony Bostic –– with the alleged assistance of Eric Matthews, who reportedly drove the getaway car –– fired five rounds out of the driver's side window of the car, on April 13, 2009.

"One round struck Brian Patterson in the chest, killing him," the warrant states.

According to a previous report in the Clayton News Daily, a customer at the restaurant, Quantavius Robinson, was also a victim of the shooting. He received non-fatal injuries, the report said.

Before Clayton County Superior Court Judge Matthew O. Simmons announced Bostic's sentence, members of Patterson's family read impact statements to Bostic.

"I pray that you will allow God to come into your life and save you," said Brian Patterson's sister, Myshai Patterson, reading a letter from the victim's mother, who was not present in court, Thursday.

Myshai Patterson added her own words, saying, "I hope when you go to sleep, you see my brother's face."

"I want you to see my face," said Brian Patterson, Sr., the father of the victim, as he stared at Bostic. "You killed my son senselessly. I have always been a strong person, but this has really broke me down," said Patterson.

Clayton County Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney Bill Dixon, along with Assistant District Attorney Caroline Owings, prosecuted the case.

"I talked with the family [of Patterson], and they thought that it [the sentencing recommendation] was appropriate," said Dixon.

Defense Attorney Malcolm Wells, however, said his client deserves a new trial. On Thursday morning, after the sentencing, he was in the process of filing a motion for a new trial.

"My client believed that his life was in danger, and [as a result], he used self-defense," Wells said in court. "Everything about this case is sad."

Wells, however, did say that, throughout the trial, Judge Simmons was "thoroughly fair."

The mother of Bostic's son, Keisha Peterson, was speechless after the sentencing. "...This is a tragedy," she said.

Information regarding a date for defendant Eric Matthews' trial was not available, on Thursday, according to Bill Dixon.