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• State lauds 6 Clayton schools' improvements

Glad to see some POSITIVE stories about CCPS in the paper. There are MANY good things happening in the schools, but somehow, them seem to get LOST or rarely covered the media.

• IRS kicks off 2011 tax season

We wouldn't have to worry about tax season. If we would do away with the 16th amendment. And went with the (FAIR TAX) We all would be better off.

• Naval Sea Cadets relocating to McDonough

My son is in the worthy organization. Anyone can try out just visiting the first wknd at the McDonough public works bldg on the same Rd as the post office. They do some amazing things for and around the county.

• 1 dead, 2 injured in drive-shooting

This person known in this article as Richard Timmons("Lil Richie") was my friend and classmate, at Lovejoy High. He was loved so many and he made us laugh so much. He is truly missed and like his grandmother wishes, I wish his killers will be caught so we can walk around the streets of Lovejoy and be safer. R.I.P Lil Richie!! Fly High...

• County suspends liquor license

What happeed to the post I sent in yesterday?

• McDowell, Jr., Luther Milton

You have my condolences and sympathy regarding the death in your family.

• Goodwin, Harold Lingo

You were a good man Harold. I loved you and Mack and Patty. Ray Hinton

• State lauds 6 Clayton schools' improvements

Congrats to all of the parents, caretakers, staff, teachers and students at these schools. It's great to applaud evidence of moving forward in a positive direction for our district.

• Woman dies in early-morning collision

I work in warehousing and I have been to the scene. If the driver would have used the right hand turn lane to turn into the warehouse he was infront of. he could have turned around, legally and my family member would still be alive. This is nothing more than a lazy driver thinking that just because he is huge the roads are his to do what he wants to on them. Henry county needs to look at it like that and press the charges. This drivers negligence, and stupidity hurt a lot more people then a ten minute late fee would have hurt him. Truck drivers need to take responsability and drive safely. So what if your late. You might just save a life. God bless you Crystal. We love you.

• Seniors await word today on center fees

It seems to me that the Henry Co. residents need to go to places in Henry Co. and quit complaining. I remember in the 80's when they flooded our rec centers for ball programs. Henry Co. does nothing special for citizens of Clayton.

• Investigation continues in deadly Stockbridge home invasion

Another brother done robbed somebody. Henry has become another South Dekalb, Lithonia, Forest Park, Conyers. You just can't get away from them

• Rapper Wacka Floca Flame surrenders to police

Sounds like an idiot to me

• Solicitor's office donates supplies to Clayton Schools

The citizens of Clayton County pay enough School Tax so that no one should have to "donate" supplies. Does anyone know how to budget money??

• Seniors await word today on center fees

I'm sure there are many areas where expenses could be reduced rather than taking the ONLY benefit the sr. citizen receives in Clayton County. These are the people who helped "build" the county so why care about them now???

• Seniors await word today on center fees

To turn off the heater in the pool when it was not in use will not lower expenses. The water will take twice the electric to warm it again!!

• Woman dies in early-morning collision

This accident was a tragedy. The only thing clear to me about the accident is that the truck driver was making an illegal turn as stated in the newspaper article. I'm not sure of any other factors. I don't think we will ever know what the young woman's actions played in this tragedy. We don't know if something might have distracted her. Unless we (general public) have the police report and know what the results were of the final investigation we can not place blame on anyone. All we know is that God called her home. We should pray for the family's of both the driver of the truck and the young woman. All of us that travel HWY 155 on a daily basis should be vigilant. It is a very busy and dangerous stretch of road.

• Childers, Gary Lamar

Gary we will miss you so much

• Woman dies in early-morning collision

It is illegal for trucks to make a u-turn on a two lane rode. It seems Nancy you are the one passing judgement. The truck driver could have turn around in the publix parking lot a mile down the road or in the Moose Lodge parking lot. Can't change what happen a young woman lost her life because of some one else being careless.

• Seniors await word today on center fees

Out of county residents should be charged at least $120, if not $180. Clayton County cannot support other counties' residents. We have a huge investment in the centers for OUR residents. Non-residents are welcome, but they should pay.

• Sheriff proposes sex offender fee; Commissioners delay action again on cell tower plan

Abner: Further, people who are listed on a Registry need to understand that the Registry Terrorists and their supporters who attempt to continually harass them and their families, limit their lives, and limit their employment opportunities, are enemies. They need to treat this as the war that it is. In popular parlance, they need to treat the Terrorists as "haters" and "let the haters be your motivators". Run them over. What I advise Registered people to do is to be the employer, not the employee. Take control away from the Terrorists. When you are employed your own companies, it is trivial to Register in a manner that will not affect you significantly (at least in the larger cities where nearly everyone is Registered). I employ people and I certainly will not employ a Registry Terrorist. Not only that, but if I even suspect that someone is a Terrorist or supporter, I will fire the person ASAP. It is easy to replace them with a real person.

• Sheriff proposes sex offender fee; Commissioners delay action again on cell tower plan

Abner: Being listed on a SEX OFFENDER Registry absolutely does very negatively affect a person's employment opportunities to a much, much greater extent than simply being convicted of a crime or crimes, even serious felonies. There is a very large percentage of employers who are not exceptionally concerned about an old criminal conviction but they are very concerned about themselves being listed on a SEX OFFENDER Registry and having their business affected. I am a member of a number of Chambers of Commerce and I have discussed this at length with many employers. I know this is a fact. Registry Terrorists will try to minimize it or even deny it outright but this is just yet another example where we see how they will lie and ignore reality in order to support their witch hunt.

• Seniors await word today on center fees

The county has a budget. It has to be met or service are cut. one dollar a month is nothing. Other counties have senior centers(fayette) and charge a large fee for seniors outside the county. We must be concerned with clayton county seniors that pay taxes in clayton county. I would gladly pay even more for these services. This county has given us with so many advantages and services over other counties. We are blessed. Royce

• Rapper Wacka Floca Flame surrenders to police


• High-speed chase ends in Butts, 1 dead

"Fleeing and attempting to elude" is not a crime that carries the death penalty. Also, it is not the officers job, nor do they have the authority to "Punish". That is what the court system is for.

• County suspends liquor license

Gambling, yes. A little smokin out on the porch, yes. Being able to spot a narc from a mile a way, yes. Drugs in a bar? Gee that must be a first. the way HC your under covers suck, it would help if they weren't so stupid. You tried them at Memories and then sent the same ones over at Backwoods, yea that was smart. Then you try to bust them for paying cash for the "skill games" sent in idiots once again. Took you 5 years to make a case? Maybe you should try another line of work cause you suck at being police. Take a look at your force tard, why do you think it was so hard? Some of us know the real truth the rest of you idiots are just filler! the way you haven't stopped anything ;)

• Woman dies in early-morning collision

On April 23, 2010, a young man was run down a woman making a left turn from 155 to Miller's Mill. He was completely blameless; she turned into him, and killed him. Her charge? "Failure to Yield." She killed-unintentionally, of course-a 19 year old...and yet received a "Failure to Yield." Don't expect justice. Sometimes, it just is not coming.

• Woman dies in early-morning collision

People at the scene said there was evidence she had been texting...or, even if she was on the phone..still...I hope they are wrong...wondering if that will either be debunked or proven. Supposedly the U-turn was illegal. However, if she was distracted, even a LEGAL u-turn could have proven fatal. Regardless-what a nightmare-for ALL concerned.

• Black, Gordon H.

Janice, you are in my thoughts and prayers. May God bless and keep you during this time.

• Not your average soda fountain

We already have one of these machines at the Zaxby's on Hudson Bridge Road, so you don't have to enter the Atlanta Airport to try it out.

• County suspends liquor license

I was there once with several friends. No one was at the door checking ID but I did notice two guys walk out the side (back) door to smoke a ?????. I did not feel comfortable there, so I left. When you have ex or current Henry Co. Officers there drinking, you don't send in a "known" undercover agent. I have since had one of these officers even tell me that he would point the "agents" out to the owner. SO>>>>>>>>>

• Henry Medical Center's first born of 2011

I am sooooo excited for this family. They truly are a blessed family. Kadreka you are an amazing mother, and Kee I wish half the men in this world could a good father and husband like you are. I am very blessed to have ya'll in my life and thankful to God for a friend he has given me in Kadreka. She is very understanding and not judgemental of anyone lives or circumstances. Thank Lord for a great group of people and for their gift of Zorah...Rachel

• Woman dies in early-morning collision

In some cases this may be true, but you needed to know the circumstances before you posted. He was making an illegal u-turn on a 2-lane road before daylight without any reflectors. She could not have see him until she was right on him. We lost a vibrant, beautiful life due to his lack of judgement. Your ignorant comment has added insult to injury.

• Police search for unidentified car thief

Wonder when people will learn NOT to leave their vehicles running unattended. This is not the 1950s. People will steal your car. You don't have to help them. WAKE UP!

• Henry Medical Center's first born of 2011

I would like to say congratulations to you and your husband . i was reading your article online and i am happy to know there are still good men around we need good husband's and good father's that is very important .but there is one thing i would like to say word to the wise no marrige is perfect no relationship is perfect life is like a circle it goes around and up and down .i know you are happy but please don't get caught up in your own world to think like is perfect because it is not. may God bless you and your family with love and peace take life one day at a time have faith and i promise you everything will work itself out. Hope you and your husband will be together forever. BE BLESSED!!!!!!!!

• BOC again denies bar's request for alcohol sales

Kudos to the BOC for standing up for what is right. With this establishment shut down, there is one less drug infested bar in Henry County! Keep cleaning it up. Hope fully it will go back to the once thriving and proud city!

• Jonesboro City Council OKs 2011 budget


• Davis, Sr., Willie "Gene

So sorry to hear about Uncle Gene passing away..