Stabbing victims turn up on Riverdale Road

Clayton County Police are trying to piece together details regarding the stabbings of two men, on Riverdale Road, Friday morning.

According to Sgt. Otis Willis, a Clayton County Police spokesman, the stabbing victims, whose identities were not released as of presstime Friday, were found wounded at two separate locations, in Riverdale.

"At 7:17 a.m., there was a knock on the door of a home, on the 5900 block, of Riverdale Road," said Willis.

The police spokesman said an adult male was found bleeding, in front of the home. Clayton County police were called, and responded to the incident, according to Willis.

"When [the victim was] asked what happened... the subject pointed across the street," said Willis.

He added that Willow Way Apartments, in Riverdale, located at 5890 Riverdale Road, is where the victim pointed. Sgt. Willis confirmed that the stabbing did occur, at Willow Way Apartments.

"There was a disturbance involving more than just the two males," said Willis.

He declined to give details on possible suspects, or the reason the incident occurred, citing the pending investigation.

"Meanwhile, the other victim drove to the QuikTrip [convenience store], in a gold Chevrolet Impala...he was saturated with blood," Willis explained.

The gas station is located at 5390 Riverdale Road, in Riverdale.

Both victims' conditions were unavailable, Friday evening, according to Willis. The men were transported to Grady Memorial Hospital, in Atlanta, and Atlanta Medical Center, he added.

"Both injuries were from stab wounds," said Willis.

On Friday, no arrests had been made, in the incident, according to Willis.