Levis, Lucile Age: 91

Passed Away: 2011-01-12

Funeral Home:

Lucile Levis Lucile Levis, 91, had a long and productive life. She grew up in Birmingham, Ala., with her parents and two sisters. She found the love of her life, and was with him for 33 years, until he passed away. She loved her church, children and grandchildren more than you can imagine. She never met someone that she didn’t befriend, and had several lifelong friends. Her life was full of good and bad times, but she handled all of it with a loving heart and strong will. She began to do what most dream of doing. She traveled to other countries, and celebrated her birthday in France. She explored her love for the arts with dancing, painting and poetry. She had several poems published. She would spend time with her friends. Shopping was one of her favorite activities, along with watching the Braves. The light of her life had to be the grandchildren, or angels, as she would say. Over the years, she lost her sisters and several friends. Lucile was a passionate and dignified Christian. She loved the beauty of the world, in nature, and the animals of God’s creation. She always stated that with being a bookkeeper all her life, that God would have her at the gates keeping the books. You can almost see her with her family and friends waiting there to greet and check us in, when it is time for us to go.