With freezing temperatures and icy roadways, players have found it a challenge to stay in shape with school closed and games postponed. Some have ventured out to local recreation and fitness clubs, but for the most part, players have been watching a lot of TV, building snowmen and surfing the Internet. Staff writers Brian Paglia and Derrick Mahone talked with four area players to see what they have done during this week's snow storm.

Dante Campbell


Once the roadways cleared some, Campbell and some of his Stockbridge teammates went to the local recreation center to play some pickup games.

"We did a little shooting around," said the Stockbridge senior center.


"Nah, you need a coach around to make you do those," Campbell joked.

Sitting around the house the last five days, Campbell has played video games and drunk a lot of hot chocolate. It is a life he could easily get accustomed to.

"I like the aspect of no school," he grinned. "I'm eager to get back on the basketball court."

Before classes resume at Stockbridge on Tuesday, Campbell will have to find time to complete a math assignment. His math class was supposed to have a test Friday, but that was canceled since there was no school.

"Our math teacher gave us an assignment last week," Campbell said. "I haven't begun, but I'm going to get on top of it before we go back."

Miranda Cantrell

North Clayton

Cantrell will proudly tell you that she has done "absolutely nothing" if you asked her how she spent the last five days with school being canceled because of the snow storm.

Stranded at the house, the North Clayton senior center spent a lot of time playing with her Wii game.

"It's been a fun week with not much to do," Cantrell said. "I haven't been as active without basketball practice and games."

She has occasionally played in the snow with a makeshift sled.

But mostly, she has been bored.

"It's been very boring," Cantrell said. "I'm ready to get back to school. I miss it some. I want to play some basketball games."

Keyonna Allen

Forest Park

Forest Park senior center Keyonna Allen was caught by surprise by a week of school canceled due to the snow storm.

"I would've actually brought more books home had I known we were going to have this little break," Allen laughed. "I was not even prepared for it."

She didn't mind missing school the first few days, but the novelty soon wore off.

"After that we were hoping they would call school back," Allen said. "It didn't quite happen like that, though. But it was fun the first couple of days.

Indeed, Allen and her Lady Panthers teammates had a sleepover at junior forward Kristin Pittmann's house. They spent a little time shooting around at a local recreation center.

But other than that, Allen said she spent her extensive down time on Facebook.

"It doesn't really get boring," she said. "You know, girls can talk for awhile."

Desmond Ringer

Eagle's Landing

Desmond Ringer is several chapters into the famous English novel Jane Eyre and has made a discovery.

"I hate that book," he said.

But the Golden Eagles sophomore center must read it for his English class, and with the snow storm canceling the last week of school, he's had a lot of time for reading, so much so that he's a few chapters ahead of his class' assignment.

He's also been helping his mother, Nattlie, at her business, Ringer Employment Solutions, which helps women on welfare get jobs. Ringer has helped with filing and filming sessions of employees discussing excerpts of his mother's book M.O.V.E. -- Motivated To Obtain Valuable Employment.

"She's been putting me to work," Ringer said. "No pay either."

Ringer has still found time to stay in basketball shape. He said he's running two miles a day on a treadmill at home and doing 50 push-ups and 50 sit-ups every night.

"I can't afford not to stay in shape," he said. "The game we come back, we come back (Tuesday) against No. 7 Henry County at their place, so I have to be in shape."