Lovejoy High PTSA to hold 'Prom Fair'

It may never be too early for a group of female high school students to go shopping, and say to each other "Oh girlfriends, how does this prom dress look on me?"

To be strapless, or not to be strapless? That question could have boggled the mind of Shakespeare's "Hamlet," much like it inevitably frustrates countless numbers of female students each spring, as they fit in prom-dress searches, between literature lessons.

Then there are the additional hair-raising efforts to find the right hair stylist, some accessories that pop, boys to take the females to the prom, tuxedos for said boys to wear to prom, a photographer and a sweet limousine ride to get to the prom.

It is with all of that in mind that the Lovejoy High School Parent-Teacher Student Association (PTSA) has announced it will host its first-ever "Prom Fair" fundraiser, where vendors will show off their best prom-related stuff, at the end of this month.

"First, we wanted to raise funds for [Lovejoy High School PTSA scholarships]," said Daughn Sage, a co-organizer of the event. "And second, we did this to bring this event to Clayton County where students can come to one central location, instead of running around the county looking for everything before the prom ... because it's crazy to run from one end of the county, to the other, and back."

The "Prom Fair" will be held, Sage said, on Jan. 30, from noon, to 5 p.m., at Lovejoy High School, which is located at 1587 McDonough Road, in Hampton. She added Lovejoy's PTSA is opening the event, which will carry a $5 pay-at-the-door admission fee, to all male and female students who attend a high school in Clayton County.

There is a way for female students to get into the event for free, though, according to Sage. She said the event is being co-sponsored The Enchanted Closet, an Atlanta-based organization that donates "gently worn" prom dresses to female students who cannot afford to buy a new one.

The event co-organizer said any female who brings a "gently worn" dress to the "Prom Fair" as a donation to The Enchanted Closet can get free admission into the event. She explained "gently worn" means the dress is previously used, but is not torn, and does not have stains on it.

Sage said Lovejoy High School's PTSA has been toying with the idea of doing a "Prom Fair" for a couple of years, after hearing about one done a PTSA at a school in north Georgia. "It was two years ago that we first got wind of a prom fair being done in north Georgia, and we wanted to bring it down here back then, but nobody wanted to step forward and organize it," she said.

"This year we got a committee together, and they revisited what we couldn't get done two years ago," Sage added.

The Lovejoy "Prom Fair" committee is made up of Sage, and fellow Lovejoy PTSA members, Karolen Mazyck-Dowdell, ShelDennis, Lorraine Hines, and Monica Bailey. Sage said the group has been planning the "Prom Fair" since September of last year.

Sage said the event will feature 17 vendors, mainly from Clayton County, who offer a variety of services and products, ranging from couture fashion boutiques, to formal-wear providers, to limousine companies, to jewelers, to hair stylists, to photographers.

"It's everything prom-related," she said. "It's a one-stop shop for all your prom needs." She said people who attend the event will be able to do some shopping with the vendors while they are there.

Sage added there will also be a prom style fashion show taking place at 2 p.m., and 3:30 p.m., and a raffle taking place, where people can win items, such as a free tuxedo, and an appointment at a nail salon. In addition to the fashion show, and the vendors, she said there will be three workshops, provided outreach groups and religious ministers, offered at 1:30 p.m., and 3 p.m.

Sage said there will be a workshop, for female students, on how to stay out of trouble on prom night, and another workshop, for male students, on how to be responsible young men.

For more information about the "Prom Fair," call Lovejoy High School, at (770) 473-2920.