We're moving to new digs on Facebook

Photo by Heather Middleton

Photo by Heather Middleton

The staffs of the Henry Daily Herald and Clayton News Daily have enjoyed, and benefited from, the interaction -- the news tips, ideas, comments, suggestions and questions -- with the papers' "friends" on Facebook.

Those "friends" are a large and growing community of readers from various walks of life in the communities we serve, whose input is important to us.

In fact, we are becoming hooked on it.

So, keep it up.

We currently have more than 2.400 friends on our Henry profile page and nearly 1,000 friends on our, younger, Clayton profile page.

Our list of friends is growing so rapidly that we have decided to create "Business" pages for our Clayton and Henry papers, so we can better accommodate the growing audience of readers who want to interact with us.

With the so-called friends pages, we are limited to just 5,000 members in our Facebook community.

At the rate we are growing, we will soon be out of space to welcome any new friends who might want to be a part of the informative, and often, beneficial things going on in our cyberspace neighborhood.

With a Business page, the number of people who can be a part of our neighborhood is unlimited. Therefore, we will soon be moving just up the cyberspace block to new digs, where we can accommodate all who want to join us.

Our Henry Daily Herald and Clayton News Daily Business pages are scheduled to officially "go live" on Friday, Feb. 4.

So, if you want to join the often-stimulating, funny or over-the-backyard-fence conversations in our new neighborhood, you're welcome to drop by.

We have big plans for the new pages, where we will develop new features, coupon savings, shopping tips and alerts, and helpful information from various sources.

Our current friends pages will be shut down soon, as we make the transition, so remember to look for our new Business pages, so you can continue to be "in the loop and in the know."

-- The Editors