Say WHAT?! - 'Her child has seen enough to be scarred for life!'

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• Victim of alleged sexual assaults taped incidents

Please keep any negative comments to yourself in respect for my family. That is all we are asking. This is a difficult time for all of us.

• Recent college grad awaits new career

Here so much negativity in the black community..these stories give me hope. Congrats young man..job well done!!

• Facebook fight lands four in jail

4 people that need to learn to grow up. Nothing can be resolved in this manner. Nothing posted on a website ...is worth ruining the rest of your life..guess what ...felony charges do just that. Next time just report the incident to the Website owners..and they can handle it in a way that won't land your behinds in jail.

• Grand jury indicts Lampl over ‘Olde Towne'

The City will always have a black cloud over the city until it is cleaned up and aired out. The Police Chief's issues are sad and he should be fired, the over 40,000 in lawyer fees they spent on him should be paid back. The other departments should have a audit and the fire department should stop their transport business before they break the city in a lawsuit. If you want change then make change! this is a good start. Maybe they will arrest Jeff Baker next.

• Youth on a Mission for Jesus Christ

Great job! Thanks for making a difference in someone's life through the love of Jesus Christ. "Youth on Mission offers students in your church opportunities to grow in their relationships with God and their peers, and helps students learn they can be a part of God's work in the world."

• Meal prices increase for Clayton students

You gotta be kidding with the first line of this article, "Clayton County Public Schools students, who pay full price for their meals," There aren't any of those left.

• Ralph participated in White House briefing

How will this create jobs for Clayton County?

• Ralph participated in White House briefing

Big deal,,who cares..

• Police say alleged assailant's death followed argument

I think about this every day. I grew up knowing Tasha. We went to school together. When I first heard this story I was very suprised. It seems it is just that... A STORY... Tasha wouln't harm a fly. I need to be transferred to Henry County to complete this murder case. Rest in Peach Tasha...

• Grand jury indicts Lampl over ‘Olde Towne'

Thank goodness I moved my business out of that Peyton Place a year ago. John Lampl and the city government were nothing but a hassle to deal with. Hard working businessmen were regarded as nothing more than cows to milk to pay for John's grandiose projects. Somehow when government employees get hold of taxpayer money, all caution is thrown to the wind. The concept of Old Towne was flawed from the get-go, as was Morrow's other white elephant, the tourism center. John Lampl leaves a tragic legacy to one part of the long-beleaguered Clayton County.

• Baseball's alcohol problem

You mentioned AT&T Park in San Francisco as a stadium that does not allow roving beer vendors. This is true, but for the record, that policy holds for all other sports arenas in California. So it's true in Dodger Stadium as well. I don't know if it's a law or simply a suggestion the Highway Patrol that every stadium follows, but it doesn't matter what sport or what city or if it's major or minor league - there are no roving beer vendors in California.

• Local shelter still needs donations, part-time help

hello my name is savanna tossi and i am 14 years old and i really love aniamls and i really would love to work part time job and i you can tell me if i do at yahoo.com and please let me be part time :) thank you

• Grand jury indicts Lampl over ‘Olde Towne'

He had it comin'! Only 16 counts? That just touches the surface. Lampl is reaping only a small portion of what he sowed. Hope this stops him running for Mayor and putting puppets up for council. Probably a puppet got him out of jail. Get us at least one felony conviction so the city can be rid of this guy FOR GOOD! We can't afford another second of him.

• Riverdale's CRUSH unit works to keep city safe

WOW!!! Why aren't more cities using this technology? Riverdale is not the most affluent city in the area, yet they are willing to put their money to use protecting their citizens. Good job Riverdale. I hope the other cities in the area are paying attention...

• Grand jury indicts Lampl over ‘Olde Towne'

At Last! That ego will be your undoing. How's this going to look on your resume'?

• Grand jury indicts Lampl over ‘Olde Towne'

Hopefully, there will be no leniency in sentencing. However, this kind of corruption has been going on with most of the municipalities. No bid contracts, no transparency and no way to find out what's going on because everything is done behind closed doors. Not listing contract opportunities and bids on websites for all to view is outrageous. Taxpayers must demand more transparency from their elected officials. I am not shocked. Just very disappointed in our local governments.

• Ralph participated in White House briefing

Now can we get him to tell us about his trip to Europe and what it accomplished?

• Grand jury indicts Lampl over ‘Olde Towne'

Morrow was taken in Lampl and will pay the price for years. I hope that now the voters will learn to ask and listen before they cast their ballots. If Lampl does not serve jail time, the system will have deserted us.

• Facebook fight lands four in jail

Does anyone have a jobb to go to , a room to clean, or any busy to handle. Its not Facebook its the people behind the keyboards typing the messages.

• Massive Morrow fire will burn itself out

The Clayton County Fire Department did a great job on wednesday in battling the Tensar fire. The building was saved and no one was hurt. This was Chief Hoods first big fire incident as the county's fire chief, now you know why the commissioners gave him the job. Nice work to him and the rest of the fire dept. and the other dept.'s that assisted. TC

• Riverdale's CRUSH unit works to keep city safe

I find this article quite disturbing. For an officer to scan a license tag remotely from his vehicle, without any evidence that the "offender" is committing a crime, endangering others, or disturbing the peace, basically means that this "officer" has been given the ability to randomly violate the Fourth Amendment rights of anyone targeted his technology. As a resident of Riverdale, I am aware of the huge number of violent crimes and property crimes which occur here on a regular basis, and yet our officers are spending their time ... issuing fines? If their primary function is to collect revenue for some government/corporate entity instead of protecting and serving the public in their lawful capacity as "peace officers", then we are not seeing "something good" (as Ms. Linda would state it), but rather a growth of arbitrary, localized tyranny. Look at the acronym! "CRUSH" Crush WHAT? Or whom? You decide.

• Former beating victim arrested in fray

Her child has seen enough to be scarred for life!

• Couple killed mother for money, say cops

OMG!!! OMG!!! That poor lady. I hope she was unconscious when she died. Those two are going to burn in hell.

• Ralph participated in White House briefing

Comm. Ralph has received the proper recognition for all of his hard work for Clayton County, it's about time all the negative people that attend the Commission meetings understand the great work Comm. Ralph has contributed to Clayton County. One individual that acts like a clown at the two minute portion at the end of the meeting should stay home with his negative speech. It's about time Mr. Chairman (Bell) that you and your friend stop all the lies.

• Former Stockbridge sports star arrested in burglary

Humm a former Sports Star and a current county thug !!

• New police precinct opens in Fairview

I think they are trying to control the crime but its the culture and the type of people that are living in that part of the county.

• Grand jury indicts Lampl over ‘Olde Towne'

Okay, to the person that said the Mayor took a commission for his listing of the Macy's property. COME TO THE COUNCIL MEETINGS, the Mayor completely disclosed the deal. He offered to step down when John came calling to BUY the darn thing. The Mayor was upfront and honest and in public. Clever move to misspell Lampl in the last post John, Clever.

• Lunch prices increase for 2011-12 school year

We are paying thru our taxes for all the illegal's and welfare kids meals. Im so tired of this !!

• Couple killed mother for money, say cops

Wow !! The county is becoming a slum county. How many murders has Clayton County had this year so far ?

• Day care owner, two others charged in child's death

After seeing them in court I would not even trust my pets with them. Why is a 16 year old working with children ?

• Juneteenth celebration to be revived in Clayton

I agree Susan. They say its and African American Holiday. I wonder how many of the residents in the county are from Africa ? Whats next a Mexian American holiday ? A huge waste of money for a county that can't educate their children or stop the violence in the county.

• Henry police seek Stockbridge bank robber

I see bullet proof glass and what happened to silent alarm systems and the dye bombs? A inside job?

• Grand jury indicts Lampl over ‘Olde Towne'

Could not happen to a better person. I am waiting for the mug shot.

• Redlinger, Capt. Robert Edward

In recent years, I began to call him Bob, but for most of the 30 years that our families were neighbors, I just called him "Mr. Redlinger." We were some of the many beneficiaries of his generosity. I'll never forget one night, the lock on our door broke and kept us from closing the door. Mr Redlinger came over late at night and fixed it for us, so we could sleep in safety and with peace of mind. Never has there been a man quicker to offer his service or to respond to someone in need than Bob, and his handyman skills were legendary - at least among those of us in the neighborhood. Bob was a good neighbor and friend. He was a good man. I haven't been able to visit in a couple of years, but I am saddened to know that he won't be there the next time I do. Our families shared so many experiences in those three decades we lived across the street from each other that I felt closer to Bob and his family than to most of my own relatives. My heart is with them and my prayers are for them now.

• Stately Oaks receives grant for restoration

Whitmill Allen was my great, great, great grandfather. We were able to see the house many years ago, although my father, his descendant, did not live to visit it. We love the house and are thrilled that many people are enjoying it, too. It felt like home when we went - our family settled in an area with the same red clay and beautiful woods. Whitmill is buried in Dover Cemetary on land that his son gave for a church. Thank you, Jonesboro, for caring for the house. Kathryn Allen Nelson daughter of George Bolten Allen, son of George Washington Allen, son of Columbus Eldridge Allen, son of Whitmill Allen, who built the house.