The fantastic offer of Jesus Christ! - Jim Bell

I guess if we all would admit our fantasies and dreams, we would have to say, "I'd like to be rich!"

When I was growing up, I would hear my mother or father say, "One day when my ship comes in, we will all have plenty of money and we can buy anything we want!" Then one of them would say, "Yes, and if wishes were horses, we'd all take a ride!" This meant that our wishes were just dreams that in all probability would never come true; we should not waste our time, "wishing our life away," but realize that good things come to those who work for them, and who plan and prepare to earn their fortunes.

I think we all still like to dream and think of being rich, but, today, many say, "Man, if I could just win the lottery!" Then they would be rich indeed and could buy just about anything they wanted. Occasionally, I buy gas or a newspaper at a "stop and go" store and most always there are people buying lottery tickets.

In fact, they are usually lined up to buy them.

I can't help but think most of these folks really can't afford to spend $2 to $5 for these tickets. Most of them aren't dressed well and don't look as if they have much money, but still they buy them. It's a well-known fact that the odds of winning the lottery are probably a million-to-one, and maybe more, but they dream on. It's an addiction to some, for it seems they just can't pass up their "chance" to win the lottery!

Have you ever thought to compare these wishes and dreams to the fact of the fantastic offer we have in Jesus Christ? He offers to everyone the choice of believing in God and accepting Christ as our personal Savior. This is a "choice"-- a decision everyone can make. It's not a million-to-one chance for riches, but an actual guarantee of Eternal Life in heaven -- that wonderful place where we will live forever in complete contentment and safety with all our needs supplied by God, Himself!

The Holy Bible, which is the truth of God, says that we are "saved" or given this gift of God through His grace, His love for us. This done by our faith -- our belief in Him and His Son, Jesus Christ. It's free! A gift which we haven't earned or even deserve. Please read these verses in your Bible: Ephesians 2: 8-9, and Romans 10:9-10. This gift is more valuable than all the money in the world! It's available to all -- even you and me!

It assures us of being raised from the grave, as was Jesus after His death and burial. God resurrected Him -- returned His life, even though He was dead, and this is His promise to all who exercise their "choice" and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Choosing life over death -- heaven instead of hell is as they say -- "a no brainer." It's a decision that all should make. Don't you agree? And yet, we don't see people lining up to receive their gift of God! Why not? Because the Devil has them in his trap, and lulls them to sleep. He wants to destroy all of us in his war with Christ.

See 1st Peter 5:8. People should be clamoring to get into churches -- lined up waiting to confess their sins and make their choice of Jesus Christ! If a very good and rich man were to say to you: "Come to me and swear your loyalty, your belief in me and support what I'm doing, and I will give you a million dollars," -- How long would it take you to accept his offer?

Obviously, the gift of God is worth much more. If you are not a Christian, what are you waiting for!? If you are a Christian, are you telling everyone about Jesus' offer? How about your loving family, and all your friends and loved ones? Surely, you want them to be in Heaven with you!

Dear Lord Jesus, I pray your Holy Spirit will convict every Christian to witness for you, to encourage others to check out your fantastic offer! What a great deal! Amen.