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Student gets perfect score on Latin exam

Photo by Heather Middleton

Photo by Heather Middleton

By Jeylin White

When it comes to being well-versed in the subject of Latin, you can say Mylon Craige -- a sophomore at Jonesboro High School -- is at the top of her game.

She recently achieved a perfect score on the 2011 National Latin Exam, making her the second to earn this recognition, since her school began offering the assessment in 2004.

Craige said she did not spend a great amount of time pondering over the test. In fact, she said, she felt confident she would score well. "I reviewed all the night before and the morning of the test," she said. "I was expecting some score of 'B,' or something close to it. I most definitely did not fathom getting a perfect score."

According to Craige, the exam is a 45-minute, multiple-choice test, which consists of 40 questions covering topics in Latin vocabulary, comprehension, life, grammar, Roman history, culture, mythology, and the reading of a short passage in Latin.

The annual exam, which is given in March, covers the material introduced to students during the year, and is offered jointly by the American Classic League and the National Junior Classic League.

"Fifteen other students from the school also took the examination and earned certificates or medals," Craige said.

She said she is not sure where this achievement will lead her, but she does believe that scholarships and college offers may be in her future.

Although she has already achieved a high degree of perfection on the Latin exam, she is determined not to rest on her laurels. "Yes, I do want to take the exam again next year," she said. "I want to see if I can achieve the same honor."

Craige gives a lot of the credit to her Latin teacher, Anna Cox, who is also chairperson of the World Languages Department at her school.

"She prepared me with everything that I needed to know to pass the test," said Craige. "She truly is a great teacher. Anyone will tell you that."

Cox also shared the same high regard for Craige. "I was definitely not surprised that Mylon received a perfect score," said Cox. "She is an excellent student, who works hard -- inside and outside the classroom."

Cox added, "Mylon goes beyond anything that is asked of her and always works harder that any other student." In addition to being in the school's Latin Club, Craige is a member of the Mock Trial Team, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the Beta Club, and the National Honor Society, at Jonesboro High School.

"Her success should be credited to her ambition and hard work, and to her family, who supports her in her desires and drive to succeed," said Cox.