Facebook fight victim talks about posting, assault

The victim of a fight, which resulted from a Facebook posting, said she didn't know the three men who allegedly invaded her home, threatened her, and attacked her male companion. She did know their female friend, however.

One of the alleged attackers, Derrek Lorenza McCree, was out of jail –– at the time –– on a $25,000 bond in a separate case. He's accused of stealing a badge and gun, among other items, from a police chief's home.

As a result of the Facebook incident, McCree, 21, of Fairburn; Barry Bell, 22, of Douglasville; Preston Head, 21, of Atlanta; and Kayla Randolph, 20, of Ellenwood, appeared in Henry County Magistrate Court recently, but their cases were reset to July 21, Judge Robert Godwin.

McCree, Bell and Head were in the Henry County Jail without bond, in the Facebook case. Randolph's bond is $705. All remained in jail Wednesday night.

Bell, Head, McCree, and Randolph are each charged with two counts of armed robbery, battery and criminal trespassing. Head was also charged with pointing or aiming a gun or pistol at another person, and possession of a firearm or knife during a commission of, or attempt to commit, certain felonies, according to the arrest warrants.

McCree, was in Henry County Magistrate Court one week prior to the Facebook fight, after he was arrested for allegedly breaking into the Henry County home of Lithonia Police Chief Kennis Harrell. He is accused of stealing a Glock 9mm handgun, a City of Lithonia chief's badge, a spare house key, multiple items of jewelry, and electronics valued over $10,000, according to the arrest warrant.

The retrieval of a dress, and a pair of shoes borrowed in high school when she was an eleventh-grader, was the only reason why Kayla Randolph, and her three male friends were supposed to be going to the Hampton home of Bryna Moore, 19. Randolph, however, had issues with Moore's male companion, according to Moore.

"It's cool not mad but I see how we are kicking it now, just thought some of us had grew since high school but I guess not, just know that I wouldn't let my so called [epithet deleted] of mine say anything to you first and last time asking for any of your help," said Moore's posting, days before the alleged assault.

Moore said that, days later, the men and Randolph forced their way into her home.

"We received [information] the victim posted a comment on Facebook indicating [one man] did not like that one of the defendants was disrespecting his girlfriend," said Henry County Police Sgt. Mike Ireland. "One of the female defendants apparently had some personal items at the victim's residence which she indicated she was going to pick up and she apparently told the victim she was on her way to get it.

"It appears that during the ride to pick up her personal items, one of the defendants made the comment that if the victim's girlfriend said anything while they are there, she was going to fight her," added Ireland.

Police said they are continuing their investigation. Moore said she wants to tell her side. Moore told the Henry Daily Herald that one of the women, who rode with three male suspects, asked her, ‘"Why y'all trying to start something with Kayla? You know how she is,'" the Hampton woman said.

"I wasn't trying to start anything with anybody," said Moore, who said Randolph did not "like" her male companion.

Once the suspects arrived, Moore said, she went to retrieve the dress and shoes when she heard a struggle at the door. "I could hear them punching him [her male friend], and I heard Barry say to Kayla, ‘Come on in here and get your hits first bagirl,'" said Moore. "I saw McCree holding my friend down as Barry and Head were punching him."

Moore said she called police, and while on the phone with dispatch, watched as the men continued their assault. "The dispatch person was asking me questions when I dropped the phone and jumped on top of Barry and hit him with a vase on the back of his head," said Moore.

"He called me a b____, and that's when Head points the gun in my face," said Moore. She said she resumed her conversation with the dispatch operator as she heard Head tell the group that she had called the police.

They left her house, leaving her companion bruised and battered, according to police.

"The police told me they caught them on Ga. Highway 81," said Moore. "They were caught with my aunt's laptop and the gun, in the car."

The vehicle was stopped a short distance away, said Sgt. Ireland. "The homeowner went to the area of the traffic stop and positively identified all the subjects as being involved in the incident."