Felony 'sexting' case indicted in Clayton

Photo by Hugh Osteen

Photo by Hugh Osteen

A grand jury has indicted a Fulton County college security guard in what is thought to be the first felony case of unsolicited sexting in Clayton County.

Steven Turner faces up to three years in prison if convicted of distributing material depicting nudity under a 2010 state law. Clayton District Attorney Tracy Graham Lawson said Turner was a security guard at a college in Fulton County in September 2009 when he allegedly showed female students photos of his genitalia stored on his cell phone. He is accused of asking the students if they wanted to see "Prince Albert," which is slang for pierced male genitalia, she said.

Turner is also accused of sending an unsolicited copy of the photo to a woman who lives in Clayton County, so Fulton prosecutors asked Lawson if the case against him could be presented to the local grand jury.

Fulton jail records show Turner was arrested there Oct. 15, 2009, on similar charges, as well as false imprisonment and public indecency. He was released on $63,000 bond Nov. 3, 2009.

Alleged racer dead after crash

A man allegedly racing with another man who was killed when he crashed has been indicted for vehicular homicide in the first and second degrees. Anthony Jeremiah Watkins also faces charges of racing and reckless driving in the death of Michael Byous. Police said the two were racing along Upper Riverdale Road Feb. 8, when Byous crashed.

Police said the men exceeded speeds of 60 miles per hour in the 45-mile-per-hour zone.

Man with gun at school indicted

David Alberto Luna was indicted on nine counts of aggravated assault and weapons charges, including bringing a gun onto school property in a May 2008 case. The indictment alleges that Luna, 33, took a .38-caliber handgun to North Clayton High School. Other charges allege Luna pointed the gun at two people at the school.

Luna is in state custody after pleading guilty to violent felonies in a Fulton County case involving the armed robbery and murder of a store clerk in July 2008. State corrections records show Luna was convicted on aggravated assault in connection with that incident. He is serving a 15-year sentence.