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Nero fiddled while Rome burned - Jim Bell

History records that Emperor Nero set fire to a large portion of Rome and blamed it on the Christians, killing them by the thousands.

Peter and Paul, two Christian saints, were probably killed during this time of persecution. It is said that Nero loved music and paid little attention to the things of government, which wreaked havoc in the nation, and turned many powerful men against him. Hence, the slogan: "Nero fiddled while Rome burned." He committed suicide at an early age.

The United States has been compared, many times, to the Roman Empire, which was once the most powerful nation on earth, and could have lasted much longer but for the likes of Nero and others who did not have the best interests of the country in mind.

I declare we have some of our officials in Washington -- maybe most of them -- who seem to be doing their share of "fiddling" around while our great country is facing bankruptcy and hard times. There is so much to be done to prevent an economic catastrophe through default on our loans, but leaders of both parties, and the president, will not put the best interest of our nation ahead of their own interests.

I say it is high time we, the people, see some patriotism among our leaders; they must forget party wishes and their own desires and take the necessary action to correct the many problems we have today. I believe they have no choice but to raise the debt ceiling now, so we can pay our bills, but they must make sufficient cuts of services and giveaways, not to mention all the wastes of big government.

In short, stop spending money we don't have. Stop borrowing! Balance the national budget! Give us good management of our tax dollars!

There are many stories in the Holy Bible that teach us to manage our lives and our resources effectively, and receive great rewards. Look at Joseph, son of Jacob, who was sold by his brothers as a slave, but through the blessings of God, became a ruler of Egypt. He showed such ability in service to his master, by good organization and productivity of all of the farm animals and other slaves, that his master made him the manager of his entire household.

Misfortune came his way through no fault of his own, and he was put in prison. He did the same thing there by showing his jailer a better way to run his prison, and he was made the second in command to the jailer. The Lord gave him the ability to interpret dreams, and his reputation reached the Pharaoh, who was having a very persistent dream -- and none of his wise men could tell what it meant.

He called Joseph, who, when he heard the dream, told Pharaoh what it meant and suggested what should be done to prevent a great famine in Egypt. The good years came and all of Egypt made the best of them and were well-prepared for the severe famine which followed.

The Bible, which is the Holy and true Word of God, gives us some very good advice. In 2nd Chronicles 7:14, the Lord God Says: "If my people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven and will forgive their sins and will heal their land."

I believe God still means what He says. I believe that all of us in this country need to admit our sins and ask our great God to forgive us for being so selfish and greedy. One of our greatest Presidents said: "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country?"

Isn't it about time for our President and Congress to answer this question by agreeing to solve our problems and put our great country on the road to recovery and prosperity? I think it is! May God bless all of our leaders, and God bless America.