Say WHAT?! - 'This was a complete farce. Free admission my eye!'

Photo by Hugh Osteen

Photo by Hugh Osteen

Editor's Note: Say What?! is a new, occasional feature that consists of online comments readers have made in response to articles and features on our web sites -- www.news-daily.com, www.henryherald.com, and www.myjpa.com. These are raw, unedited comments. In bold type, are the headlines to which the comments are attached.

* Morrow officials seek new brand for city

How about this... Come to Morrow, where everybody's a criminal.

* Morrow officials seek new brand for city

Perhaps they should make it so that local businesses are not afraid to be open after 6pm.

* Morrow officials seek new brand for city

....Morrow doesn't even have a Town Square; It is nothing but a Speed Trap to rest of the county. Hasn't enough money been wasted in Morrow, for NOTHINGS & NONSENSE ? The Residents of Morrow seems to be gluttons for punishment

* BOC weighing county manager position - again

Mr Ralph, who continues to use his political influence to attempt to nullify his upcoming DUI case, shows a disingenuous lack of leadership and integrity. He is dishonest, self aggrandizing, and ought to make your skin crawl. Just a taller version of a sheriff we used to have.

* BOC weighing county manager position - again

CC does not need another expensive link in the chain. A county manager position would only provide the commissioners with someone to point their fingers to without having to point fingers at each other. I am completely against this unelected (unaccountable) position. If they do reestablish a county manager how does one fairly apply for this job that after some smoke and mirrors Wade Starr would end up with?

*Aviation museum receives largest donation

The plural of aircraft is "aircraft" Respectfully submitted,

* Landscaper, wife alleged marijuana growers

Leave these people alone. They're not bothering anyone. Go fine some real criminals outthere. This is so petty.

* Community rallying for 'Maddie'

is maddie ok now?

* Morrow officials seek new brand for city

...Tourism in Morrow ? ..."Suggestions"? ...How about this "Suggestion for Morrow's venture into the Tourism Attractions: Browsing the racks at their Super Walmart ? Or Being Greeted by Morrow Police Department upon entry into the City Limits ? .....Sounds like fun things to do on vacation and I'm sure that the memories will surely " stand the test of time"

* Jonesboro leaders steering a sinking ship

@ unknown I do believe that the reason the Mayor (and it directly stems from the Mayor) did not want this business was because the business was to have a small section of adult novelties, etc, much like a Spencer's store. The business owner was well within the Charter rulings on that (A city ordinance states a business must devote more than 20 percent of its floor space to adult items, but a copy of the Exotic Pleasures' floor plan showed 9.6 percent of its floor space was set aside for those items. Ferree has described Exotic Pleasures as being similar to businesses in the mall-based novelty store chain, Spencer's Gifts. The Mayor also cost the tax payers of Jonesboro money to pay the city attorney to confirm there was no leg to stand on in this case. Why did the Mayor want to fight this in the first place. Oh that's right he thinks he is in control over there at city hall. Voters time for out with the old in with the new come November!!

* Ward, Elwyn

Elizabeth and Jeff; So sorry to hear about your Mom. She was a SPECIAL LADY. Our prayers are with you both. Tom Ifland

* Man, woman wanted for phone thefts

Can you guys post a larger image for stories like this? I read through the online version of your paper, but you can never click the picture to make it larger. Kinda makes it difficult to identify people when the picture is so small. Thanks

* Morrow High School basketball program sends 8 players to the next level

Its about time Morrow coaches spend some time helping these players get in school. Maybe if Livingston had done it a few years ago maybe he wouldn't have loss so many good players in the past to other high schools.

* Morrow officials seek new brand for city

Morrow needs a dress code at the Mall. Saturday between 6 and 6:30 everything changed from family oriented to pants on the ground rowdy. Young "ladies" with foul mouths and young "gentlemen" with no manners pushing their way through the food court. It was time for my family to go. Talk is cheap and until you can back up your marketing campaign with truth it is just another waste of tax payer's money. (which Morrow has gotten very good at doing)

* County wins awards for special-needs programs

Reggie is a very cool and spontainise person. He is very loved and inspiried not only by me but also all of his other athletes in the department. He really knows how to so us how to have a good time. My family and I would like to thank everyone in our Therapeotic Divion for all the hard work you do. Love, The Hemrick's and The White's

* SACS celebration scheduled for Clayton Schools

I see a few other people felt strongly enough about this to post. I too see no reason to celebrate something that is a standard for every public school system int he nation. Clayton County lags behind the rest of the state in most every educational achievement category and we're going to party?? For what? Our home values are still in the ditch and those who left the county still hasn't (and won't) return. For those who simply want to party, then do it - and then hopefully you'll keep moving to focus on what's really important.

* Thousands rally against Ga. immigration law

If you arent here legally who really cares. You should have done it the right way, legally. And now that you are illegally here and costing taxpayers millions of dollars, taking our jobs illegally we should support you?

* Morrow man indicted in copper thefts

How do the last 3 alledged crimes have anything to do with with the copper theft?

* Henry Rodeo ensures Independence Day fireworks

This was a complete farce. Free admission my eye! We parked at a friend's house and tried to walk over with them to see the festivities and we were told that we could not enter. Instead a female rep. of the "Rodeo" association whined to us about how much they paid the County for use of the park. This is False advertising in it's purest form and they have not heard the last of this.

* SACS celebration scheduled for Clayton Schools

What a freaking joke! Celebrate???? The hard part is going to be holding on to the accreditation and "they" have already done things to raise the eyebrows of SACS again!

* Thousands rally against Ga. immigration law

How about the tens of thousands of people that support this new immigration law rally together and have a march to show the law makers that they are supported

* 'Crepe Murder'

Oh wait, yep all the landscaping in city centers along 54 in Morrow - leading up to CLayton State University and in downtown Jonesboro. No mention of the trees growing along the tracks before you get into Jonesboro from the south and even as you go north. How about a usefull solution plant wildflowers and low growth natives after they chop things up - if you are smart about it try to get them to pay for it and or ask community if they want to adopt a "tree" and transplant.

* Regulars Band seeks top billing

Great article, Jason! Truly captures the Regulars passion for their music!

* Regulars Band seeks top billing

I have followed this band for years and they are amazingly talented. As their fame and success has increased, they have remained down-to-earth and fun-loving.

* Riverdale approves 2012 budget, with furlough days

why did the mayor and councilmembers call the meeting to order ,then leave and go behind close doors.? Is this legal?

* Alleged purse snatcher given $35,000 bond

Free M-Rob