Juvenile in ankle bracelet nabbed in carjackings

Photo by Hugh Osteen

Photo by Hugh Osteen

By Elaine Rackley


Henry County Police said a juvenile went on a crime spree which allegedly included two carjackings and robbing a convenience store -- all while wearing an ankle bracelet designed to monitor his whereabouts.

The first carjacking incident took place at the Wal-mart on North Henry Boulevard in Stockbridge Friday, around 3:30 a.m. The victim told police he was approached by the juvenile suspect who requested a ride, said Henry County Police Sgt. Mike Ireland.

The victim, who was driving a blue Kia Optima, transported the juvenile to a nearby apartment complex where the youngster flashed a small caliber handgun and carjacked the vehicle, said Sgt. Ireland.

"Approximately 20 minutes later the juvenile defendant, along with two other males, robbed a group of individuals at the Quik Trip off Mount Carmel Road for approximately $50," added Ireland. "After leaving the Quik Trip, the juvenile [suspect] along with the two other male occupants, carjacked a female victim of her red Dodge Caravan ... off Chambers Road."

Meantime, Clayton County Police indicated they had a "lo jack hit" from a Toyota Land Cruiser, continued Ireland.

The owner of the Kia Optima later reported to investigators that he had a Toyota Land Cruiser that was stolen from Clayton County late Friday, Ireland said. "The owner indicated the keys to the Land Cruiser where in the Kia Optima."

"Henry County Police soon picked up the hit from the LoJack [security system] and gave chase to the vehicle," said Ireland. The vehicle and its occupants were stopped and arrested in Forest Park, he added.

"One of the occupants was identified as the juvenile defendant who was involved with the two carjackings and the armed robbery which occurred in Henry County earlier," said Ireland. "Detectives interviewed the juvenile defendant, who confessed to the crimes."

Police investigators identified the juvenile suspect by tracking the ankle bracelet to his parole officer, said Sgt. Ireland.

The juvenile suspect was arrested Saturday and faces charges including two counts of carjacking, one count of armed robbery, six counts of aggravated assault.

Two of the occupants in the vehicle were charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession, and two were questioned and released, according to Ireland. Police did not release the identities of the people who were questioned, released or charged with drug possession.

The Kia Optima was recovered in Clayton County Friday afternoon and the Dodge Caravan was recovered in Henry County. Both vehicles were returned to their owners, added the sergeant.