Clayton State – Fayette moving to new location

Clayton State University's Fayette County site, Clayton State – Fayette, will move to a new location, said Doctor Kevin Demmitt, vice president of extended programs at CSU. "We have grown even faster than expected at our current location," said Demmitt. "We have been at our current location since 2007, and we need additional parking and room to expand."

Clayton State – Fayette will move to Peachtree City, and will be located at 100 World Drive, Suite 100, the university announced in a news release.

The new facility is located three miles north of the current location, which is on Commerce Drive. "The new site has 450 parking spots compared to the 89 we have now," said Demmitt.

He added, "Before opening our current location we averaged about 80 students per semester in all of our classes combined. Now we have more than 800."

Additional benefits of moving to the new location include easy access on Peachtree Parkway and a location less than 12 miles to all Fayette County high schools, officials said.

"Fayette County has the most dual-enrollment students at Clayton State, so it's important for us to stay within easy driving distance of all area high schools," said Demmitt. "Students will be able to take classes and get to their high schools second period."

John Shiffert, director of university relations, said the World Drive location is the fourth for CSU in Fayette County. The original Fayette Center opened across the street from the Fayette County Courthouse in 1995. The second location, Shiffert added, was in the Peachtree City Tennis Center. The current location on Commerce Drive opened for classes in January 2008.

Demmitt said Pathways Development Corporation, the current owner of the building at CSU's new site, was anxious to have the university at its location. "They paid for everything which included the remodeling of the classrooms and offices, with no charge to the university," said Demmitt.

"We are excited about this move to a new facility that will give us room to grow in the future," said Demmitt. "We expect to be moved into the new location August 15, for the first day of classes."