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'The Walking Dead' reappear in Hampton

The cast and crew of the television series "The Walking Dead," are back in Hampton again.

Motorists who use Ga. Highway 20, from East Main Street to Lower Woosely Road, must take detours today, Friday. Some of them know already, because the road closure began Thursday, and some will be greeted with the closures for the first time today.

Police closed a section of Georgia Highway 20, said Hampton Police Chief Rad Porter.

"We closed the streets around 1 a.m., Thursday for the TV crew to set up," said Chief Porter. Ga. Hwy. 20, will re-open Friday at 4 p.m., the chief said.

The production crew began filming "The Walking Dead" television series June 6, in Hampton. It is scheduled to air on the AMC Network this fall.

The "Walking Dead" tells the story of the weeks and months that follow after the apocalypse, and how the main characters have to navigate their way through the new environment of metro Atlanta, said the Unit Publicist for the TV show, Brandee Brooks.

The Walking Dead is an epic, edge-of-your-seat drama, where personal struggles are magnified against a backdrop of moment-to-moment survival. A survivalist story at its core, the series explores how the living are changed the overwhelming realization that those who survive can be far more dangerous than the mindless walkers roaming the earth. They themselves have become the walking dead, according to the show's website.