Historical Jonesboro to evoke 'Tara' at 'Special-Tea'

As God as their witness, some local residents and Scarlett O'Hara fans will never go thirsty again. Or, at least for one day.

Historical Jonesboro/Clayton County, Inc. will host a "‘Gone With The Wind' Special-Tea" event on September 24, with "sittings" taking place at 11 a.m., and 1:30 p.m., at Stately Oaks Plantation, 100 Carriage Lane, in Jonesboro. The tea will be a fund-raiser for the historical society, according to event Chairperson Carol Cook.

"We are celebrating ‘Gone With The Wind,' because this year marks the 75th anniversary of the book, in which Clayton County plays a large role," Cook said.

This is the second time that Historical Jonesboro has held a tea event, with the last one being held last November. But, oh fidelty-tea, people might want to call Stately Oaks right away, as spaces at the tea sittings are going at a fast pace, Cook said.

She said there are only 48 spaces available at each tea sitting, with reservations costing $15 per person.

"People have already been calling and almost all of the spots at our 11 a.m. sitting are already filled up," Cook said Thursday. "I would encourage people to call right away and get their reservations in because the remaining spots will go quickly."

Anyone who wants to reserve a spot at either tea sitting may call Stately Oaks at (770)473-0197.

Cook said there will be several ways Historical Jonesboro will weave the "Gone With The Wind" theme into the tea, including putting some of the group's memorabilia from the book and its movie version on display. There will also be a "Gone With The Wind" trivia contest, during the tea.

And, of course, Scarlett look-a-likes are welcome to attend, even in their dresses made from the window curtains (curtain rod shoulder pads are optional).

"Ladies can dress up as they wish," Cook said. "They can come casually dressed, or they can come as one of the characters ... Of course, guys can come too."

Then again, heaven help the Scarlett look-a-like who sits between the Rhett Butler and Ashley Wilkes doppelgängers.