Crane stops Barnes winning streak

Photo by Heather Middleton

Photo by Heather Middleton

By Doug Gorman


For a time, it looked like the Outlaws Division at Thursday Thunder was going to totally belong to Parker Barnes.

Barnes had put his stamp on the first six races of the season, winning each.

Madeline Crane had other ideas. Her victory last week snapped Barnes' winning streak and made the race a little closer.

Still, Barnes is dominating the division. He leads the Outlaw points race by 55 over John Curtis and 64 points over Crane. All three drivers have finished in the top five each season.

Too close to call right now: With three weeks remaining in the Thursday Thunder season, two things are clear.

The race won't be decided until the last week, and it is going to be a two-driver showdown between William Plemons III and Luke Behnke, just like last year.

Plemons (685 points) goes into this week's competition clinging to a six-point lead over Behnke (679).

Growing up in a race car: Ten-year Joshua Hicks went out and won the AMS Winter Flurry in the Bandits Division. Now, he just seems to keep winning races. Hicks has captured the checkered flag in five of the seven races at Thursday Thunder this season. That has helped him take control of his points race. He has a 19-point (683 points) lead over Ashton Winger (664).

Other points leaders: Michael Karp (Buzz Car), Terry Mathis (Masters), Sean Rayhall (Pro), Mason Massey (Young Lions).

Running order: Morley Company Outlaws, Papa John's Bandits, Roadsters, Buzz Cars, INTERMISSION: Semi-Pro, Young Lions, Pro, Masters