Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport can add to its array of awards and accolades.

The airport's rental car center was recently awarded the Honorable Mention and Award of Merit designations from the International Parking Institute, during its "2011 Awards of Excellence" ceremony in Pittsburgh, Pa., said DeAllous Smith, a spokesman for the airport.

"We're delighted to have our rental car center recognized the International Parking Institute," said Louis Miller, aviation general manager at Hartsfield-Jackson.

Miller added that the awards affirm the dedication, time and effort placed into the airport's rental car center.

The rental car center received the Honorable Mention accolade for best parking facility design, which offers more than 800 parking spaces, explained Smith. The exterior appearance, continuity with surrounding environment, economy of construction, security, lighting and ease of use were determined for this award.

"The design of the facility provides unparalleled access to the rental car counters and vehicles for our customers," explained airport spokesman Albert Snedeker.

The rental car center received the Award of Merit for its "architectural treatment and aesthetic elements in its natural context, landscaping and graphic and art elements," said Smith.

"These awards are recognition and confirmation that our rental car center is well-designed, well-built and working well for our customers," said Snedeker.

Kimberly Stereeter was sitting on the bench with her son, inside the rental car center.

Stereeter said she travels a lot and frequently visits the center to rent vehicles.

She said the airport is very deserving of the awards it received, because the facility is efficient and convenient. The consolidation of rental car companies and their vehicles makes the process efficient, she said.

"You come over and check in, and walk across [the bridge] and pick it [vehicle] up," said the Riverdale resident.

For Tracy Brady, of Louisiana, the rental car center is too far away from the airport itself.

"It is really far from the terminal," she said.

The International Parking Institute annually recognizes top-notch examples of parking design, operational artistry and program innovation, said airport spokesman DeAllous Smith.

According to the institute's web site, www.parking.org, it is both the top and largest parking association of professionals, and the industry.