We are somebody in The Lord Jesus! - Jim Bell

When I was just a young boy, my mother would encourage me to be a good boy, to listen to her and my father and to obey what they told me. They told me such things as to be nice to my brother and sister, to share my play things with them and to love them.

My parents were anxious for me to be nice to everyone I met, and to say the right things, such as please and thank you. I should always try to learn in school and make good grades and do my homework. I was to do all these things, if I wanted to amount to something some day. They instilled in my mind, early, that I should be a hard worker, to do as I was told, and if I did, I would grow up to be somebody and be happy.

I will never forget how happy my parents were when I graduated from high school. My mother hugged me and kissed me, and she said," Buddy, you have done well, now I want you to be somebody!" I wondered about how to do this -- how can I be somebody? I knew I had to be good and work hard, to love people, but how does one like me, a nobody, actually become somebody?

Fortunately, I was sometimes going to church and Sunday school, and I learned there that God loved me. I could hardly believe this at first. How could God love a nobody like me? One day during a sermon from our pastor, I felt God was speaking to me! He said, "James, I love you and I want to forgive you of your sins!" I thought, I know God is the God of love, but how could He forgive me of my sins, after all I have done?

The pastor said God loves everyone, and that includes you! You must believe in Jesus Christ who died for you, to pay for all your sins. I believed God that day and found through Bible study and prayer that He created me in a special way to be somebody! Did you know that because God loves you, you are somebody, a very special person, so much that God sent His beloved Son to die on the cross, ( Romans 5: 6,8) to spill His precious blood so that your sins and mine could be forgiven?

Jesus died so we could live and have eternal life! This makes me somebody! It makes all who believe in Him to be somebody! Please read 1st Peter 2:9-10 in your Bible. "You are a chosen people -- a people belonging to God -- once you were not a people [you were a nobody] but now you are the people of God. Now you have received mercy." In the New Testament, believers are designated as chosen, the elect of God. We are Somebody in The Lord Jesus!

After I became a believer in God and His Son, Jesus, I joined the church and was baptized. I can tell you many things that God has done for me, since I became a Christian, but there isn't room for them in this short article. He began to lead me through life, telling me things that drew me closer to Him. I needed a job, so He led me to Delta Airlines, a great company to work for.

Listen to what happened and see if you agree it was a blessing from the Lord. I rode over to Delta one day with a friend who wanted to be a mechanic. We both put our applications in, and I'm sure mine was not very impressive. We both were interviewed, but they did not need any mechanics at that time. I was asked, "What do you want to do?" God had to give me the right answers, for I didn't know what to say. I just blurted out: "I want to work, I'm so tired of being without a job!"

The manager, who had been turning down qualified people who wanted to be pilots, or mechanics or flight attendants all day, said to me, "Great! We need people who want to work! Can you come in tomorrow?"

I worked there 41 years, retiring at the end of 1992.

When God, in a still, small voice, tells you He loves you and wants to save you, count your blessings and respond to Him with faith and trust. Believe me, you are "Somebody," because God loves you and chose you. Don't waste your life running from Him. Come with love and trust and He will lead you all of your life!

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