Couple caught breaking into cars

A McDonough man suspected of breaking into cars was held captive one of his alleged victims, long enough for Henry County police to arrest him and a Jonesboro woman for illegally entering four cars.

Police have charged Daniel Chase Manix and Amanda Lynn McIntyre with four counts of entering an automobile with the intent to commit theft or felony.

Henry County Police Officer E. Godfrey responded to an "entering auto in progress call" Saturday at 6 a.m., according to his report of the incident.

"I was advised dispatch [that] the complainant had the suspect detained across the street," said Godfrey in his report. When he arrived at the scene of one break-in, Godfrey said he found the suspect sitting on the ground.

The victim, pointing to Manix, 19, told police the suspect had broken into his wife's green 2004 Saab. After questioning, the officer said he searched Manix and found a Hilton Garden Inn key card, and a Samsung cell phone, as well as a Garmin Nuvi Global Positioning System (GPS) in his back pocket.

"I turned on the GPS and selected home," said the officer, in the report. "The GPS home location was in the area..."

The victim said he was inside his home and "just [happened]" to look outside, and saw a young white male and young white female inside his wife's car, said Godfrey.

"He chased the male across the street and detained him until the police arrived," added Godfrey in the report. "He stated the female involved got away, but described her as a younger white female with short blue jean shorts on."

Police found a Tom Tom and another GPS on the ground outside of the Saab.

Police questioned Manix about his accomplice, and it was Manix who identified his accomplice as Amanda McIntyre, according to the police report. Manix told police he did not know where she went. The officer then asked Manix in which room was he staying at the hotel. Godfrey directed officers toward room 426 at the hotel. Police located McIntyre, 17, at the hotel.

The victim was then taken to the hotel, and positively identified the woman as the same female running from his car with Manix. Authorities spoke with residents at different locations in the west McDonough neighborhood, who reported someone had also broken into their cars. Police located the owner of a 1999 Buick Century who identified the other GPS police found near the green Saab as his.

Manix and McIntyre appeared in Henry County Magistrate Court Monday before Judge Robert Godwin. Godwin set a $10,000 bond for Manix, and a $7,500 bond for McIntyre. Both were out of jail Monday.