The Greatest Miracle of All - Jim Bell

The Holy Bible gives us the story of many miracles, all performed by our great and mighty God. There is no way I could put them all in this article, even assuming I could find them all, so I will just talk about a few that I remember reading in the Old Testament and some from the New Testament.

I think first of the miracles God accomplished as He led the Jewish people out of captivity in Egypt, starting with the birth of Moses, of how his mother and sisters put him in a basket and floated him in the Nile river near where an Egyptian Princess and her maidens were bathing.

The Princess saw the baby Moses and immediately fell in love with him and wanted him for her own. Moses' sister was close by and asked the Princess if she should go and get one of the Hebrew women to nurse the baby. The girl went and got the baby's mother! Thus began the master plan for the miracle God was going to use to free His people.

Most who read the Bible probably feel the miracle of God separating the waters of the Red Sea was the main miracle of God's rescue of His people and, perhaps, they are correct, but there were many other miracles performed in this fantastic, true story. I also like the story of how God protected Elijah from the wicked King Ahab and his conniving wife, Jezebel. The Lord sent him to King Ahab to tell him of a severe drought -- neither dew, nor rain in the next few years, except at the Word of God (I Kings 17).

Knowing King Ahab would try to kill Elijah, the Lord told Elijah to go into the wilderness at Kerith Ravine. He said, "I will order the ravens to feed you there." The ravens brought him bread and meat in the morning and evening and he drank from the brook. The Lord can even tell birds how to take care of His own!

The New Testament records many miracles, most performed by Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Certainly among the greatest were the Miracle Birth of Jesus and the Resurrection of Jesus from death to life.

Many might even say the resurrection of Jesus Christ was the greatest miracle of all, and I wouldn't argue too strongly against them, for this action means all Christians, all who believe in Jesus' life and death and resurrection, will, one day, be saved from death and the grave! Praise God for this great miracle!

However, I think the first and, perhaps, greatest miracle is the fact that our almighty God created the Universe and all that is in it, including our Earth and every living thing! He created this great miracle out of nothing!

There are some who do not believe God did this mighty act. They say our universe is eternal without a beginning or an ending. Our Holy Bible says in Genesis 1:1: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." There was a beginning and our Almighty God, who is eternal, was, and is, the force who accomplished this awesome, fantastic feat, and He did it out of Nothing!

This was the Beginning of God's great plan of life, and He has worked out every detail and is currently following His plan meticulously. Praise God! He has included you and me in His plan and has provided a way, through Jesus Christ, for us to live with Him forever!

Have you and all your loved ones confessed Jesus Christ as Savior, and have your names written in His Book of life? If not, please take God's plan seriously and join Him today!

I pray you will.