CSU hosting 'open house' for graduate studies

Clayton State University's School of Graduate Studies will hold its monthly "Graduate Open House," June 14, for those interested in seeking a graduate degree.

"The campus is growing, and the demand for more graduate programs is growing," said Judith Ogden, director of the Master's in Business Administration program at CSU.

More programs are being added each year to graduate studies, she said, to appeal to a variety of prospective students.

"The open house is held so students, and future students, can get a variety of information for all graduate programs offered, and the admissions process," added Ogden.

CSU generally holds an open house on the second Tuesday of each month, to give potential students a wider perspective of programs that are offered, and allow them to see what might suit their interests.

Ogden said that, just last year, the Master's in Business Administration (MBA) only offered one program, which was Supply Chain Management. But, she said, due to the increase in the campus' population, and the demand from students for more programs, two more were added. They are: International Business, and Accounting.

"So now, we have a total of three MBA programs," she said. "However, the plan is to add more programs to MBA graduate studies, next year."

Currently, CSU has eight graduate programs in various disciplines, including the following:

• Master's of Science in Psychology, with concentrations in Applied, Development and Clinical.

• Master's in Arts and Liberal Studies, with concentrations in English, History, Political Science, and Liberal Arts.

• Master's of Arts in: Teaching English, Teaching Mathematics, Business Administration, Health Administration, Nursing, and Archival Studies.

The Graduate Open House will be held June 14, from 5:30 p.m., to 7 p.m., in Harry S. Down Center, at Clayton State University, located at 2000 Clayton State Boulevard, in Morrow.

For more information about graduate programs and the open house, call (678) 466-4114, or e-mail graduate@clayton.edu.