Mahaffey facing his 'Pharaoh' through music

A Jonesboro native, Michael Mahaffey, is introducing his first gospel music project. It is scheduled to be released in the fall.

"God had been dealing with me about certain things in my walk with Him. I had grown bitter." said Mahaffey. "We learn in church that our obedience guarantees blessings, but, what happens when you are obedient, but you are still burdened?

"So God caused me to focus on the condition of my heart," added Mahaffey. "Romans 12:2 says be not conformed to the condition of this world, but be ye transformed the renewing of your mind."

The name of his CD, "Face Your Pharaoh," came from the story of Moses.

"Three of the songs that culminate the message that God is leading me to share are "The Call", "Process" and "Testimony," he said.

"The Call" depicts how God is calling for people to step out from what is comfortable regardless of their inability," he explained. ‘Though you know my every fault, and see my every weakness, you still want to use me,' is one of the stanzas from the song.

"In the story God called Moses, and his response was ‘you know I can't speak,'" said Mahaffey. "But, it was his inability to speak that qualified him because it kept him humble."

Mahaffey is the Assistant Minister of Worship and Arts at Higher Living Christian Church, in Hampton. Senior Pastor Andre Landers heads the church.

"Process" is another song from the CD. "It talks about how process, defined my pastor, [is] progress through pressure," said Mahaffey.

One stanza is: ‘God applies pressure to make us stronger and wiser. Process — I wouldn't change it if I could.'

Mahaffey started working on the CD in February, 2010 and performed it live on Oct. 10, at the Clayton County campus of the Higher Living Christian Church, on Mt. Zion Road.

Mahaffey said he has been writing music since 2004. He has studied music since he was six, and has played the trumpet for 16 years. He also was the Jonesboro High School drum major in 2002. He graduated the same year.

"I performed with the Atlanta Boys Choir in 1992," he recalled.

Mahaffey formed the group "Michael Mahaffey and D'liverance" in 2004.

He served as Minister of Music at Laughlin Memorial United Methodist Church, in Greensboro, N.C., in 2003. He returned home to become choir director at Andrew's Chapel United Methodist Church.

Mahaffey has been married for five years. He and his wife, Jamie, have two sons, Austin, 3, and Nathan, four months. Like her husband, Jamie Stodghill Mahaffey is a vocalist. On the CD, she leads the song "Testimony." She started singing at age 5, in the children's choir at Andrew's Chapel. She believes her husband's ministry encourages people to develop their Christian relationship.

"When you see him pouring out to God, it compels you to seek God for yourself," said Jamie Mahaffey. The songs on Mahaffey's new CD are not the first he's written, she said. He has written "Faithful" and "Walk with Me."

Tiffany Adams of Fayetteville, N.C. attended the live recording. She said the room was filled with excitement and celebration.

"The atmosphere was set from the very beginning. There was a sense of family, friendship and a high expectation of what was about to happen," said Adams. "It was uplifting. Mike ministers in such a way that he takes you on a journey and helps you to understand who God really is. His music is current, relevant, authentic, sincere, and transparent."

For more information about the "Face Your Pharaoh" CD, visit www.themichaelmahaffeyproject.com.