Are miracles really possible? - Jim Bell

The Holy Bible gives us many accounts of miracles happening in the lives of men, women and children down through the ages. The book of Exodus tells of the Israelites leaving Egypt and the great miracle of crossing the Red Sea on dry land.

Please read this great book of the Bible for yourself, and you will find records there of many miracles performed by the Lord, our God. Look in the book of First Kings, chapter 17, to find the story of Elijah being fed by ravens, and of the widow of Zarepath, who had only a handful of flour in a jar and a little oil in a jug, but miraculously, it lasted and fed three people for months, and perhaps years.

During this time the widow's son died and God brought him back to life through Elijah's prayer. This is the first instance of raising the dead recorded in the scriptures. This non-Israelite widow was given the supreme covenant blessing, the gift of life rescued from the power of death. Elijah prayed for the child's return to life, so that the veracity and trustworthiness of God's word might be demonstrated.

Anyone who reads the Bible is familiar with the many miracles of Jesus Christ recorded in the New Testament. From the miracle birth of Christ from a virgin, the four Gospels record many miracles of Christ. Please read the gospel of Luke, which is recognized by scholars the world over as a masterpiece of literature, for an account of these miracles.

Are miracles really possible, today, in our modern society? I can testify of a miracle in my own life, and I know without a doubt that my being cured of acute mylogenous Leukemia was, and is, a blessed miracle of God. I had the benefit of the best doctors at Emory Hospital and the leading knowledge of research to provide my cure.

I believe God provides great doctors and nurses and success in research, in order to bring about cures of severe cases such as mine. Look in your Bible at the book of James, chapter 5, verses 13-20. This is called the Prayer of Faith, and it is exactly what produces miracles. God tells us to pray, to ask and it will be given us. Notice the scripture says the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. Many righteous saints of the church prayed for me, and God heard their prayers and cured me.

A common, but most wonderful miracle of today, is the salvation of sinners through our Lord Jesus Christ and His supreme sacrifice on the cross. He gave His Life in order to secure our salvation. The price is paid, all we have to do is believe and have faith in Him.

Have you experienced God's miracle of saving grace? Do you know beyond doubt that you will go to heaven when you die? You can know for certain and your faith can start you on life's most amazing journey! Don't let the devil keep you from your destiny of fellowship with God!

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